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Rob Kearney a pro-strongman and former Director of Sports Medicine at The Williston Northampton School. 


In October 2014, he came out to The Huffington Post, making him the 1st openly-gay man to actively compete in a Strongman competition at the professional international level. 


He holds the US record for the log press with 471 pounds and competes in Strongman competes all over the world, including the world-renowned ‘World’s Strongest Man’.


His Instagram handle worlds_strongest_gay spreads his message of positivity and incredible feats of strength. 


In today’s podcast, we talk everything from accepting yourself and using negativity for fuel to how he spreads his positive message through feats of mental, emotional and physical strength. 


If you have ever struggled with not being like everybody else or feeling like an outsider, then this is a must-listen! Enjoy. 


“Train to become the person they said you would never become” Rob Kearney 



Rob’s website:


Rob’s Instagram:




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Rewire Your Mindset Book (Book Depository)



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