Today on the podcast:

Today’s solo podcast goes through my most recent 100-mile race, The Jackpot 100 in Nevada. 


The Jackpot 100 is a 2.5-mile loop repeated 40 times for a total of 100 miles.  


It took me 26 hours and 31 minutes to complete.


In today’s podcast, I go through my training and diet over the past several months, the actual event itself and everything I learnt during and after the ultra marathon.


I also added in some questions sent in through Instagram to the end of the episode. 


  1.   How much mental training did you do prior to the 100-mile run? 11:28 
  2.   Did you wear headphones when running?  43:44 
  3.   Did you run non stop to complete the 100 miles?   47:22 
  4.   Have you fallen out of love with training now that you’ve hit your goal and you’re exhausted?  48:24 





Shown notes

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