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Nir Eyal is the author of the books ‘Hooked’ and ‘Indistractable – How To Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life’

He received an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and is the foremost leader in understanding behaviour design and habit formation.

In today’s episode, we go through a highly relatable topic on what some call the modern plague when it comes to hitting any end goal – and that is distraction. 


Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s episode.

  •     The three main causes of distraction – external internal and planning problems.
  •     M.E.A. – minimum enjoyable action when it comes to any new exercise program
  •     His ‘burn or burn’ technique for weight loss
  •     How to not get distracted in the middle of your workouts.
  •     Why willpower and self-control doesn’t help you with distractions
  •     Strategies for avoiding the ‘gym distractors’ who try and talk to you in the middle of workouts
  •     Why ‘to do’ lists can create the “I’m a loser” personal identity and what to do instead





Nir’s books:




Distraction tracker: Indistractable Tools




Rewire Your Mindset Book (Amazon)


Rewire Your Mindset Book (Book Depository)






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