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Ben Mudge is a Fitness Trainer that specialises in helping people look, move and feel better.

He was born with the genetic illness Cystic Fibrosis and made the choice a long time ago to use his ‘weakness’ as a strength.

Ben is one of the most respected personal trainers in the industry and I am delighted to catch up on another podcast.

This is his second appearance on the show. He was also on episode 154: Give Your Problems All The Time They Need and No More with Ben ‘Thor’ Mudge’

Heres some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast.

  •     His new CF Strength website.
  •     Motivation vs dedication and how you can only rely on one of them.
  •     How you can build a positive mindset by choosing what you focus on
  •     Diet misconceptions that can halt progress
  •     Ben recently turned 30; so he shares the top thing that he’s learnt over the last decade.
  •     How understanding that you’re going to die somebody makes you more grateful for the present moment.



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CF strength website:

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Rewire Your Mindset Book (Amazon)


Rewire Your Mindset Book (Book Depository)






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