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Colin is an explorer and elite endurance athlete who has set multiple world records and is a leading expert on mindset. 

Among his feats are the world’s first solo, unsupported, and human-powered crossing of Antarctica, speed records for Explorers Grand Slam and the Seven Summits; and reaching the highest point in all fifty US states in a record-breaking twenty-one days. 

Prior to December 2018, no individual had ever crossed the landmass of Antarctica alone, without support and completely human-powered. 

His incredible book and New York Times Best Seller ‘The Impossible First – From Fire to Ice – Crossing Antarctica Alone’ spans his triumphant recovery from a tragic accident to his gripping 932-mile solo crossing of Antarctica. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast: 

  •     Burning 25% of his body in Thailand at 22 and how his mother helped him to build his current mindset. 
  •     His pivot from triathlon into extreme challenges 
  •     The power of the mantra “this too shall pass”
  •     How he prepared for his Antarctica crossing. 
  •     His training and nutrition in the lead-up and during the crossing. 
  •     Managing the fear loop and handling negative self-talk 
  •     How anyone can build the mental strength to do insane challenges. 





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