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Mark Pollock is an explorer, innovator and motivational speaker.   

Unbroken by blindness in 1998, Mark became an adventure athlete competing in ultra-endurance races across deserts, mountains, and the polar ice caps including being the first blind person to race to the South Pole.

He also won silver and bronze medals for rowing at the Commonwealth Games and set up a motivational speaking business (

In addition, Mark is the subject of the acclaimed documentaries ‘Blind Man Walking’ and ‘Unbreakable – The Mark Pollock Story’, 

Mark helps people to build resilience and collaborate with others so that they achieve more than they thought possible.

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s episode. 


  •     Going blind in 1998 and how life changed as a result.
  •     Breaking his back and becoming paralysed in 2010. 
  •     Running through the Gobi desert and pulling a sled for 43 days in Antarctica. 
  •     The difference between the challenges that choose us and the challenges we choose ourselves. 
  •     Why uncertainty is worse than any diagnose you can get. 
  •     How to separate ‘failing’ from being a failure. 



Mark’s Website:

Mark’s Instagram: Mark Pollock (@markpollockexplorer) • Instagram photos and videos




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