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Emma Doherty, known as Emma Fit UK on Instagram is a Level 3 certified Personal Trainer and Online Fitness and Nutrition Coach. She help girls across the world achieve their greatest bodies whilst developing a healthy mindset towards fitness and nutrition

Emma puts out incredible content geared around her online message of helping females get strong and look their best whilst eating foods they love.

This was a wonderful conversation with somebody who is wise beyond her years.

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s episode.

  •     Overcoming childhood bullying to find your passion in life.
  •     Journaling perception of the foods you are eating to overcome a fearful relationship with food.
  •     How to overcome the ‘all or nothing’ food approach and binge eating strategies.
  •     How to manage and deal with cravings
  •     Stress management techniques for your mindset.
  •     The most common mistakes people make on a fat loss journey


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Emma’s Instagram:


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