Today on the podcast:

Rob Eades is an actor, presenter and chef who specialises in making healthy living easy.


His Instagram is geared around making a healthy lifestyle affordable for everyone with delicious recipes under £2 and FREE 20 minute workouts for people.


He is also the co-presenter on BBC’s ‘Kitchen Starter Pack’ – a cooking show all about making cooking simple.


Here are some of the topics we covered in today’s podcast. 


·      His unique backstory to how he fell into a job as a chef 

·      Calories vs nutrition and the James Smith vs Joe Wicks diet approach

·      How to eat healthy and make tasty meals for under 2 pound

·      What to do if you press the f*ck it button or fall off the wagon with your nutrition 

·      The problem with cheat days and how it can negatively affect your relationship with food 



Rob’s Instagram:

Rob’s website:


James Smith Podcast 168:


Joe wicks podcast 208:



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