Today on the podcast:

Since I released my second book Rewire Your Mindset at Christmas, I’ve been reflecting and thinking about some of the main ways I rewired my mindset over the past few years.


Today’s podcast is a  ‘press record and talk’ solo episode so I hope you enjoy it.


  1.  Separating real problems vs perceived problems.  08:59
  2. Understanding the difference between positive feedback from negative criticism and knowing who to listen to and who to ignore.  27:31
  3. Accepting short term anxiety is a normal human emotion to feel.. but chronic anxiety is not!  44:32
  4. Learn to let go of things I can’t control.  50:54
  5. Understand the power of people’s projection and their negativity is a reflection of them (not me).  01:00:04
  6. Finally knowing that the figurative goal posts (of any target or goal) always move so you need to be aware of that or change the frigging game!  01:09:57




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