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Steve Katasi from Adapnation is a qualified nutritionist from the BTN academy.

He is extremely passionate about the Tribalism around dietary choices and why applying a ‘one size fits all’ is a poor way to decide on what nutritional plan is the best fit for you.

In today’s show, we have a great back and forth when it comes to challenging your best loved nutritional beliefs and how to navigate through the noise online when it comes to dietary advice.


Here are some of things we talked about in today’s episode. 

·      The nourish, regulate and complete approach to nutrition

·      Understating the role of your ancestral lineage when it comes to your food choices

·      Evolutionary consistency and understanding basic human biology and THEN looking at the studies.

·      Real food vs processed food and the 80:20 approach

·      Why certain foods mess with satiety signals and the real reasons for cravings!

·      Why the 3pm slump is NOT normal and how to become more metabolically flexible.

·      How Intermittent fasting can potentially change your relationship with food.

·      And so much.


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