Today on the podcast:

Bonnie Roney is a registered dietitian and promotes the message about how to eat without feeling guilt and shame.

Her Instagram page is all about spreading positivity and education around intuitive eating and food freedom.

She has in my opinion, one of the best Instagram pages when it comes to binge eating, food freedom and improving your relationship with food.


Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast.

·      The danger of splitting food into ‘good and bad’ categories

·      How intuitive eating isn’t about eating whatever you want, whenever you want and the misconceptions around it.

·      The problem with diet culture and the restrictive mindset.

·      How retraining yourself to live in ‘food abundance’ can help your binge eating.

·      How to break the binge/restrict eating pattern

·      How to stop eating too much/binging at night times and identifying emotional triggers for eating patterns.

Plus much more.


Bonnie’s Website:

Bonnie’s Instagram: Bonnie Roney, RD (@diet.culture.rebel) • Instagram photos and videos

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