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Tim and Jacko are the co-owners of The School of Calisthenics. Callisthenics is a form of bodyweight training with a focus on pushing and pulling movements with no added weight.

A lot of you will recognise Tim and Jacko from Podcast 188: Redefine Your Impossible with The School of Calisthenics!

In today’s episode, I catch up with two of my favourite lads from across the Irish Sea.

Here are Some of the things we talked about:

·      The biggest misconceptions with bodyweight training

·      The goal setting process of finding what inspires you and focusing on what you enjoy.

·      How to learn to let go of the things outside of your control and how to use training to build your mindset.

·      The superpower of patience and how setting training goals forces you to take things one step at a time.

·      The biggest mindset barriers’ that hold people back.

·      The thing that has had the biggest influence on their lives over the past two years.


School of Calisthenics website:


Podcast 188: Redefine Your Impossible with The School of Calisthenics!:


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