Today on the podcast:

Today’s solo podcast is a nutrition deep dive.

It goes through everything you need to know when it comes to nutrition, dieting and food choices in general.

If you struggle with the nutrition side of weight or fat loss, then this episode is not to be missed.

  •     How to stop breaking foods into good and bad  05:40
  •     Calories 101 for fat loss  22:16
  •     Macros 101 for body composition    37:50
  •     How to build your own nutritional plan – TDEE calculator vs BMR vs working with a coach or nutritionist    48:42
  •     How to test it, track body fat and change or maintain based on your body’s response.  01:00:55


  •     The problem with eliminating entire food groups or macro nutrients.
  •     The tangibles and intangibles of lowering body fat
  •     The diet mindset vs the nutrition mindset
  •     Starvation mode explained
  •     How food choices impact energy levels


186: Nutrition FAQS For Fat and Weight Loss:


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