Today on the podcast:

Today’s episode is a fly on the wall conversation with one of my closest friends, Paul Dermody.

We focused initially on nutrition and diet and then went in a different direction about half way through the episode.

If you enjoyed any of our previous conversations with a similar show structure, then this is not to be missed.

Some of the things we talked about:

·      Principles vs absolutes when it comes to diet behaviour.

·      Understanding basic calorie balance for fat loss

·      Why anticipation is generally better than the actual thing and managing your perception around food

·      The problem with black and white thinking and why that limits your happiness.

·      Getting to the root of guilt and shame.

·      Why you should always be working towards your target self

And much more ..

Did you enjoy this episode? If yes, check out Paul’s previous appearances on the podcast.







Paul’s Instagram: Paul Dermody (@pauldermodypt) • Instagram photos and videos


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