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In this episode, Brian speaks with Stephanie Joshi, a Gymshark and Myprotein athlete, and fitness and food lover on Instagram and YouTube. She’s not your typical social media fitness influencer, as her handle @nuttyfoodiefitness hints. Her brand is all about positivity, and she promotes the idea that you can be healthy and fit while enjoying the food you love. To Stephanie, the key to life is balance.

Listen in as Stephanie shares how she was able to leave full-time employment to become her own boss, as well as how to adopt a balanced approach to health and fitness, and cultivating and maintaining a positive mindset.

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Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast.  

  • 04:34 What brought Stephanie into the world of fitness?
  • 06:47 Why females should not be intimidated about stepping into a gym for the first time
  • 09:32 Stephanie on her journey as a social media influencer
  • 12:02 Transitioning from a full-time job to doing social media exclusively
  • 15:24 The biggest challenge when it comes to social media
  • 17:27 What type of content connects the most with Stephanie’s followers?
  • 19:47 Why Stephanie is such a big proponent of balance
  • 23:08 How Stephanie advises others on achieving balance in their diet
  • 26:39 Why are there so many misconceptions around nutrition?
  • 29:23 Good habits that Stephanie lives by
  • 31:12 How to develop a positive mindset
  • 34:48 Growing mentally in addition to physically
  • 36:56 What advice would Stephanie give to her younger self?
  • 38:38 Developing a thick skin when you’re sharing your life to the world on social media
  • 40:06 Stephanie’s favorite food challenge, and her hardest one
  • 41:52 What Stephanie is most excited about right now

Key Points

  • If it’s your first time entering a gym, don’t be afraid to ask for help. When Stephanie began her weight training journey, she went ahead and asked people in the gym for the names of the different pieces of equipment, which body part they trained, and how they worked. PTs are there to offer help, so don’t be afraid to reach out!
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to your food choices. The key is balance: Have a donut here and a slice of pizza there. Beating yourself up for eating the “wrong” foods will only cause unnecessary stress and, at the most extreme, lead to an eating disorder.
  • Growing mentally demands that you get out of your comfort zone and even take a few risks. Stephanie sets challenges for herself, such as running a marathon without prior training. These things sure helped her grow physically, but the mental fortitude that cultivated within her as a result was the real prize.

Powerful Quotes by Stephanie

  • When you first get into fitness, you have to be open to learning and not be afraid to get things wrong.
  • Don’t go into social media thinking, “I want a big following.” That, in time, will come. Don’t obsess over the numbers. As long as you’re on social media being authentic and doing what you absolutely love, you will be successful. But in order to progress, you have to be consistent.
  • You should just view food as fuel. Try to have a balance. Try to have a little bit of everything. Eat things in moderation.
  • The mind is a muscle just like any other part of the body, and you need to exercise it

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Stephanie Joshi



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