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In this episode, Brian speaks with nutrition and fitness coach Shane Walsh. He is a fully qualified MNU Nutritionist and has recently obtained a National Qualification in Pre and Post Natal Exercise from the National Training Centre.

Listen in as Shane goes in-depth on fat loss strategies specifically for females, common myths around weight loss, putting together a diet plan for fat loss as a woman, and how much of an effect the contraceptive pill really has on weight gain.

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Episode outline

  • 05:23 The success of Shane’s podcast and his backstory
  • 10:06 Why there are so many misconceptions around female fat loss
  • 11:26 Common problems with weight loss clubs
  • 15:25 The biggest misconception around nutrition
  • 18:53 How to approach your carbohydrate intake based on your goals
  • 21:50 How to curb cravings as a woman on a fat loss regimen
  • 27:38 Working your fat loss program around your menstrual cycle
  • 36:34 How the contraceptive pill affects weight gain/loss
  • 42:22 Factors that contribute to bloating
  • 46:05 How to get back on track if you mess up your diet
  • 49:06 Setting realistic goals
  • 54:09 The biggest thing that Shane learned after starting his podcast
  • 59:04 What Shane is most excited about right now

Key points

  • Carbs are good for you. The widespread misconception that “carbs are the devil” was born out of the 70s and 80s and has become a prevalent notion today among many people, including those who are into fitness. “Carbohydrates are not essential,” says Shane, “but they are an amazing food source.” Bread and cake are not bad for you. What matters is the routine you give yourself. Overeating any type of food is the defining factor in weight gain.
  • Women need to listen to their bodies and not blame themselves for feeling too tired to work out or giving in to their cravings during their period. People tend to beat themselves up in general if they aren’t able to push themselves to the max during a training session, or completely give up on a diet because of one bad meal. Forgive yourself and “learn to be in sync with your body.”
  • Don’t blame the pill alone on weight gain. There are a variety of factors that lead to women gaining weight and there is no isolation between them. Everything contributes to your weight gain or loss, including your nutrition, physical activity, sleep, cycle, and pills.

Powerful Quotes by Shane

  • Exercise, for me, is more important for mental health than aesthetics.
  • When I work with my clients, I don’t give them a macro split because there’s no perfect macro split for weight loss.
  • It’s all about what you can adhere to in the long run. There will be days where you don’t want to do it or show up; but if you can even go out for a walk that day, strike that down as a small win. Celebrate that rather than being hard on yourself for not having the energy to do a full workout.

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Shane Walsh

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