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In this episode, Brian speaks with personal trainer, author, and speaker Karl Henry. He is the leading fitness expert on RTE 1’s Operation Transformation and the host of the Real Health podcast.

Listen in as Karl discusses how to look after both your physical and mental wellbeing during COVID-19 by talking about the power of healthy to-do lists, how to stay motivated in times of uncertainty, and how to keep weight loss simple.

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Episode Outline

  • 04:56 How Karl has been coping throughout the pandemic
  • 06:51 Karl’s healthy to-do list
  • 13:13 Navigating social media to preserve your mental wellbeing
  • 16:12 How Karl defines and health and fitness
  • 19:49 What Karl does for his health and wellness now that he didn’t do in the past
  • 25:52 How a great support group contributes to your belief in yourself
  • 27:51 The biggest predictor of change in your life
  • 30:02 The power of simplifying your message
  • 34:47 The first thing to consider when you have a weight loss goal
  • 39:12 Empowering people to take ownership of their health and fitness
  • 41:59 The biggest thing Karl has learned through interviewing guests on his podcast
  • 46:42 Has Karl ever been caught speechless on his podcast?
  • 48:48 What Karl is most excited about right now

Key Points

  • Stay extra-vigilant with your social media usage, particularly now when everyone relies almost exclusively on online tools to stay up-to-date with everything happening in the world. Karl personally doesn’t frequent the often-argumentative atmosphere of Twitter as much anymore and is not shy about blocking people who impose their negativity openly. In these times when we’re more inundated than ever before by social media, we need to be deliberate with our time on these platforms in order to preserve our mental wellbeing. Simply taking the time to step outside more can help tremendously.
  • One overlooked aspect of health and wellness is balance. Don’t focus only on exercise and nutrition, as important as these are. Also consider how much time you spend with family, on learning, and on work. Having a balanced, multidimensional life contributes to your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.
  • Your why is the most powerful factor in the direction your path takes you. Never underestimate the power of a well-defined purpose, because this serves as the foundation for all your decisions, big and small, and it serves as your North Star in the journey of life.

Powerful Quotes by Karl

  • Just getting out and looking at something that is not social media or the four walls around your house is incredibly powerful to your mental health.
  • Health has to be simple. The simpler you make your plan, the more achievable it’s going to be.
  • You learn a lot more from listening than from speaking.

Guest info

Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Personal trainer, author, and speaker.

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