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In this episode, Brian speaks with Charlie Johnson, an online transformation coach. In this third conversation we had with Charlie on the podcast, we talked about avoiding trigger foods, using yourself as a fitness experiment and building a positive mindset. In episode 255, we did a joint Q+A around the game changers documentary, stress, fats vs carbs, shift work and fasting.

Listen is as Charlie dives deep into his area of expertise: dramatic transformations and what it really takes to get one. We talk about the dedication it takes to get a real dramatic transformation, what to do if you fall off track at the weekends and looking out for that 8-10pm diet danger zone, the two main methods of reverse dieting, staying motivated and managing self-doubt on your weight loss or fitness journey, misconceptions around sustainability that often get overlooked, and the main differences between the ‘sustainability’ and a ‘dramatic transformation’ approach.

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Episode outline

  • 05:04 What Charlie has been up to in the last couple of months
  • 17:12 Charlie’s thoughts on fat burners
  • 20:04 Why Charlie advocates a nutrition first program
  • 22:48 Staying motivated while on a physical transformation program
  • 27:17 What to do if you fall off-track with your fitness goals
  • 31:31 Best practices for reverse dieting
  • 39:28 Differences in training for dramatic physical transformations versus those looking for long-term goals
  • 43:49 Common misconceptions around fat loss
  • 55:14 Charlie’s biggest mindset shift since the beginning of 2020
  • 59:07 What Charlie is most excited about right now

Key points

  • If you want to undergo a dramatic physical transformation, you have an end goal in mind. Anybody can get shredded in a certain timeframe, but it is a process that takes time, and you have to be realistic with exactly how much time you’re willing to set aside to reach the physical goal you want to achieve.
  • The mental game is just as important as the physical. Part of successfully going through the process of undergoing a physical transformation actually requires your mind to take the lead. The body will only go where the mind takes it. Most people can physically do whatever it takes to reach a fitness goal, but having the right mindset is what really determines who makes it and who does not.
  • If you need motivation to keep going along your physical transformation journey, keep track of your progression. Even comparing this week’s weight or performance to last week’s can make a world of difference in your motivation. We all have moments of self-doubt and can lose track of the small wins that are slowly adding up to make up the full picture.

Powerful Quotes by

  • Getting super-shredded and super-lean isn’t necessarily rocket science. But it is a method and a process, as is everything in life.
  • The body can only go where the mind is willing to take it.
  • Little things compound to make up the ultimate, end result.
  • You can have the greatest training program in the world. You can train like an Olympic athlete. But if your nutrition is not aligned with your goals, then you won’t reach those goals.
  • The most powerful thing that anyone can use to motivate themselves to go on is to see their own progression.
  • Money can’t buy hard work and consistency.

Guest info

Charlie Johnson

Charlie Johnson

Body transformation specialist and elite trainer

My goal is to educate, inspire and help my viewers to be the best that they can be. I will be making the journey as stress free and smooth as possible but i cutting out all of the gimmicks that the fitness/health industry preach which do not work.

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