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Maeve Madden is a model, actress, lifestyle and fitness blogger, personal trainer and qualified nutritionist.

She is also the founder of The Queen’s Community where she has been educating women to help them improve their health, body confidence and find a new found love for fitness.

This will be Maeve’s hattrick appearance on the podcast. In March 2019, in episode 215 we talked all things PCOS, irritable bowel syndrome and beating the bloat and in March of this year, episode 269 we talked about cheat days, weekend fakeaway meals, training misconceptions and being catfished on dating apps.

As with all our conversations, we went in a million different directions; but here are some of the main talking points from today’s podcast.

Listen is as Maeve discusses her body confidence tips, the biggest thing she’s learnt about herself during lockdown, how to get 100k more followers on Instagram with her free workouts, social media triggers, unfollows and mutes for your own mental health, how to use this crazy year to find out what’s really valuable to you, and much more.

Episode Outline

03:44 What Maeve has been up to in the last few months
08:04 The biggest struggle Maeve’s community has at the moment
14:20 Maeve’s biggest learning in the past several months of lockdown
17:39 Tips for those who struggle with body confidence
24:54 Posting motivational content as a reminder to yourself to keep going
28:14 How to not let your mind bully your body
34:35 Being selective about who you follow or like on social media
42:02 Becoming more authentic on social media
46:52 How to stop caring about what people think of you
53:04 Learning from and recovering from 2020
1:02:02 What Maeve is up to nowadays and how to reach her

Key Points

  • Women should listen to and respect their bodies. When it’s that time of the month and hormones become too much to bear, don’t force yourself to do things that, in that moment, you’re not confident to do. Maeve recently turned down a shoot because, in that particular moment, she simply didn’t have the energy and confidence to give the project her all—and that’s okay! Don’t put yourself under unnecessary stress and let your body and mind rest as needed.
  • Social media is a double-edged sword. It’s a great way to share authentic content that empowers you and your community around the world. At the same time, it’s also an easy way to become inundated with negativity, from falling into the comparison trap to coming across content that you don’t appreciate. Be very selective with who you follow, including relatives and friends. Mute or even unfollow those who post content that isn’t conducive to your mental health.
  • 2020 has really forced us to accept challenges and inconvenience to both our physical and mental health. Many of the comforts we have been taking for granted, possibly our whole lives, are now not as available and our priorities have shifted. It really goes to show that we are able to live and deal with much less than we think. 2020 should be a time to declutter our minds and recalibrate our values and goals so that we move with more purpose and proactivity into the future.

Powerful Quotes by Maeve

  • When you love doing something, it’s so easy to do.
  • As a woman, when you’re hormonal, don’t put yourself under unnecessary stress. That’s okay! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  • Don’t let your mind bully your body.
  • Social media can be really bad for your mind only if you make it bad for your mind. Choose who you follow wisely.
  • Opinions aren’t facts. They’re just the way someone perceives you without knowing you and what you’re going through.

Guest info

Maeve Madden

Personal trainer and qualified nutritionist

Maeve Madden is a model, actress, lifestyle and fitness blogger, personal trainer and qualified nutritionist. Born in Ireland, she moved to London after injury ended her professional dancing career. Maeve quickly realised her real passion was health and fitness and she became determined to share her battle with bloating, IBS, PCOS and adult acne.

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