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Today’s episode is a press-record-and-talk-solo mindset podcast.

2020 has been a crazy year; but there are always nuggets of gold to be found even in the unlikeliest of places. Today’s podcast is a reflection on some of the biggest moments that changed my life (for the better) and how to keep your eyes open for the opportunities that are bound to present themselves as this year draws to a close.

Brain tattoo for 2021

“When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things an opportunity to catch up.”

Here are six moments that changed my life forever

  • 05:43 My first day of teaching and realising my ladder was against the wrong wall
  • 18:20 The first fitness model show and the confidence it gave me—I finally set a goal and didn’t let fear stop me from doing it.
  • 29:25 Who will cry when you die—the boat experience from the Breakthrough retreat
  • 37:35 My daughter being born—my priority shift and getting clearer on what is really important to me
  • 45:44 The Sahara and the questioning of my own self limiting beliefs
  • 52:58 The arctic and my association with pain: How to become the oak tree in the storm and the strongest person at your parents or loved ones funeral

Key Points

  • Get clear on the goal you’re shooting for and keep making sure along the way that it’s truly the goal you want. Unfortunately, even the keenest of us only realize much later on that the relationship we’re in is toxic, or that the career ladder we’re on is leaning against the wrong wall. From fear disguised as practicality to worrying about what others think about us, there are a myriad of reasons why we fail to see that we’re walking down the wrong path. The first step is to detach yourself emotionally from the situation you’re in, then shuttle that emotional energy into the alternative that is more in line with what you desire. Then, it’s all about taking small action steps to get there. It takes a ton of discipline and patience, but if it’s truly your goal, you’ll find a way.
  • When feeling fearful about anything, anchor a time in the past where you also felt fear yet did whatever you were supposed to do anyway (even better if it was a similar type of fear to the one you’re feeling now). Set small goals for yourself that you can visualize as adding legs to a table. Just like working out, this “progressive overload” approach builds up your pain tolerance for the activity you’re doing. To use the old cliché, if you’re frozen in fear at the prospect of eating that giant elephant, go for one small bite at a time. You’ll be shocked down the road at how much you’ve already conquered.
  • Success is rarely a consistent upward slope. If you find yourself falling backwards after making some progress, don’t despair. We all go through it. Simply take the rut you found yourself in as an opportunity to troubleshoot what has been exposed as a weakness. This is the key: to realize that, as human beings, we need constant moments of recalibration as we grow. As long as you catch yourself falling behind and course correct going forward, you’re on the right track. Be an oak tree in the storm and just move forward with clarity and purpose.

Powerful Quotes by Brian

  • Weigh the upside, weigh the downside, then ask yourself if you can handle that downside.
  • Going from zero to one is considerably harder than going from one to ten.
  • Fear never goes away. You just get better at handling it.
  • Success doesn’t always look like an upward trend.
  • There will always be moments that are seen as failure; but you can choose to use that failure as feedback to potentially go forward. Use the seeds of failure to plant the trees of future success.
  • You can become an oak tree in the storm. You want the world to be fucking thrashing left and right, and you’re just standing still. You want to be the person where everyone around you is losing their heads, and you’re staying sane and thinking clearly.

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