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Larry Doyle is an online coach, creator of Affiliate Coaching, and the host of the Gen Pop Podcast.

He has coached over 2,000 clients online and in person during the last 15 years. His goal is to continue to give clients who work with him the tools and empowerment to achieve high quality, sustainable results.

In a world of conflicting opinions and misinformation, his passion is to create real world, bull-sh*t free solutions to people’s challenges.

Today’s podcast goes through the A-Z guide of nutrition and mindset when it comes to weight loss.

Listen in as we discuss why getting support is one of the best things you can do for your weight loss journey today, the importance of your environment when you have a fat loss goal, guilt around food and its connection to a lack of nutritional education, how to balance a social life and a weight loss goal, common beliefs around food that need to be challenged, and much more.

Episode Outline

  • 04:08 Larry’s 16-year background in the fitness industry
  • 08:12 Common misconceptions around fitness and nutrition
  • 13:34 The single biggest mistake people make when it comes to weight loss
  • 16:38 Why getting support is the first thing anyone looking to lose weight should do
  • 19:01 The common struggle for those in the process of losing weight
  • 21:48 At which point in the journey you need to establish accountability with your support network
  • 24:55 Balancing your weight loss journey with your social life
  • 28:06 Why guilt comes from a lack of education
  • 32:51 Other limiting beliefs around food
  • 36:36 Something about fitness or nutrition that Larry has changed his mind about in recent years
  • 40:17 The importance of mindset in one’s weight loss journey
  • 44:33 The mantra that Larry lives by
  • 46:56 Larry’s parting advice

Key Points

  • The single biggest mistake that Larry has seen in people who want to lose weight is jumping from one thing to another and not sticking to a plan or program. Habits take several weeks to form, and if you fall off the wagon after only a few days or even a few weeks, you’re essentially back to square one. In fact, you’re actually digging yourself into a deeper hole, which will continue to get deeper the more you pivot from something that you’ve just begun. It’s a hole characterized by more anger, more confusion, and less motivation to bounce back.
  • If you’re looking to lose weight, get professional support as soon as possible. You’d take your car to a mechanic if there’s a problem, or call in an electrician if an appliance isn’t working. Why not do the same with your body? Or to use another metaphor, doing a program without help is like taking a tour in an unknown place by yourself as opposed to hiring a tour guide.
  • Weight loss (and weight gain too, for that matter) is far more than sets and reps and macros. Limiting yourself to these surface-level factors reduces the sustainability of your program, severely limits your lifestyle choices, and strains your mental and emotional reserves over time. You can have the greatest workout program and meal plan on paper, but if your fitness and nutrition regimen is built at the expense of your lifestyle and long-term mental health, “looks good on paper” is all it really is.

Powerful Quotes by Larry

  • When you start dealing with Dr. Google and going down that rabbit hole, there’s an argument for absolutely everything being right and wrong on the internet and you can go down so many rabbit holes.
  • It’s such a crazy world because we’re trying to sell on emotions and a lot of people are looking for marketing tactics as opposed to educational tactics. We just need to cut through the bullshit because there’s so much of it being given out to people at the moment.
  • If you’re doing a program on your own, that’s like taking a tour yourself, versus getting the tour guide who’s going to give you the full experience.
  • We need to challenge people’s beliefs around food, and to do that, rather than just labeling foods, we also need to create awareness around foods.
  • You can’t work externally till you start working internally.
  • I don’t think I’m a deep thinker. I just simplify my life and reduce that paralysis-by-analysis. I give myself two seconds to think about whether or not something adds value and that’s my clear-cut answer on what I need to do.

Larry Doyle

Online coach, creator of Affiliate Coaching, and the host of the Gen Pop Podcast

With over 25,000 hours of hands on, personal training and online coaching experience, spanning 13 years, I have encountered almost every challenge that the real world individual faces. I have successfully coached hundreds of men and women, just like you, from all walks of life to their goals. In a world of conflicting opinions, low morals and misinformation, my passion is to create real world, bull-sh#t free solutions to these challenges.

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