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Today’s episode is a fly-on-the-wall conversation with one of my closest friends, Paul Dermody. We focused initially on nutrition and diet and then went in a different direction about halfway through the episode. If you enjoyed any of our previous conversations with a similar show structure, then this is not to be missed.

Episode Outline

  • 03:59 Turning 31 – the biggest lessons he’s learnt over the past few years
  • 10:20 Setting boundaries and having difficult conversations and getting over the fear of offending people
  • 18:05 Why self-reflection is one of the most underrated tools when it comes to fat loss
  • 34:55 Influencers and ego, why do people act like this and how do we navigate it?
  • 46:55 To to see your ego in action or what you do on autopilot, watch your next three reactions
  • 55:12 Ketofast stealing his clients before-and-after photos
  • 1:01:16 Callout culture: Is it good or bad?
  • 1:07:19 Why you don’t need to count calories to lose body fat
  • 1:21:21 When tough love is necessary
  • 1:25:24 How to stop making “life on autopilot’ dietary decisions

Key Points

  • Many of us have a tendency to overestimate our nutritional knowledge. Paul encourages us to reflect on why we think about food the way we do, especially if we’re stuck in our health and fitness goals. Cultivate self-awareness around where you’re taking in your information and humble yourself to embrace the possibility that there may be gaps in your knowledge—and that some of that “knowledge” may be outright wrong.
  • Suffering comes from our belief that we can predict the behavior or thoughts of other people. It’s unproductive to rely only on the little voice inside your head, because more often than not, we tend to be our own worst critic and overrationalize situations when relying on our own assumptions. Don’t try to predict the intentions of other people. It’s almost always a fruitless endeavor.
  • It’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea that this one achievement or one event or one purchase will make you happy. What usually happens is, once those goals are reached, whatever high you experience always turns out to be temporary, and you’re off chasing the next goal. True happiness is found in the moment and counting all the small blessings that we tend to take for granted, and not in simply pining for targets that we may or may never hit.

Powerful Quotes by Paul

  • The first thing we can all do in any area is recognize the scope and the depth of our own ignorance on any given topic.
  • Behind every excessive reaction, such as anger or bravado, there’s some degree of pain.
  • Anger is not a bad thing. It’s the uncontrollable reaction that may come from it that is a bad thing.
  • If you’re going to undergo any change in life, especially something as deeply complex as being rather overweight to more slim, you’re going to need to see the value on the other side of those behavior changes.
  • You don’t have to track calories to drop body fat. You don’t have to count change to have money. You just need to have some degree of financial literacy; or, if not, you just need to have some degree of structure.
  • If you’re going to employ tough love, you’re going to need to know how to do it at the right time for the right person because, otherwise, it can be construed as looking like a dick.

Paul Dermody

Personal trainer

Paul Dermody, originally from Ireland, now living in Vietnam is a personal trainer, though he feels much more than that. His passion is getting people to develop a healthy relationship with food. He feels strongly about getting his clients “off the diet” once and for all and to set goals from that mindset.

He works mostly online with clients all over the world and also does a small amount of in-person coaching and has now done so in Ireland, Spain and Vietnam.

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