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Sinead is an influencer, motivational speaker, and founder of Brave Retreats and Shine Online. She uses her social media platforms and The Sinead Says Podcast to talk about mindset, books, relationships, and everything in between.

This is Sinead’s second appearance on the podcast. We did the first round at the end of October in 2019 in Episode 249: Sinead Hegarty on Breaks Ups, Sex and Spiritual Awakening.

Here are some of the things we talked about in this long overdue round two.

Episode Outline

  • 03:49 What Sinead has been up to since our last conversation in October 2019
  • 05:27 What “wellness” means to Sinead and the positive ripple effect of loving yourself
  • 12:43 Using the full body YES or full body NO when making any decision
  • 16:41 Manifesting your dream life and how to practically go after the things you desire
  • 24:53 An example of a relationship goal that Sinead has made
  • 27:55 Sinead on her audiobook Relationships – You Should Know These Things
  • 39:07 How therapy changed Sinead’s life
  • 42:39 A major belief that Sinead had to unlearn
  • 48:28 Creating self-awareness around your past traumas via journaling and meditation
  • 54:34 The three books that have had the most impact on Sinead in the past 12 months

Key Points

  • Listen to your body when making big decisions. We so often refuse to acknowledge what we term our “gut instinct” or “intuition” and prefer instead to listen to “logic”. While there is obviously value in rationally assessing big decisions, you need to equally listen to what your body is telling you, which many times goes against what the mind says. Sinead calls these the “full body YES” and the “full body NO”. She says that tuning into what her body has told her, even if it goes against logic, has often led her to make life-changing decisions that she never regrets.
  • When it comes to romantic relationships, remember that success lies in embracing the fact that you’re giving your partner the power to break your heart. As with anything else in life, the avoidance of pain leads to stunted growth at best and long-term suffering at worst. Facing challenges within the relationship builds trust between the two of you and helps both you two as individuals and as a couple grow stronger.
  • In order to begin unlearning destructive beliefs, you first need to uncover them by cultivating self-awareness. Everyone has their own favorite self-awareness tool, and Sinead’s is journaling. Every time she experiences an emotion such as fear, insecurity, or anger, she writes down exactly how she is feeling and why. By putting those thoughts on paper, she can now trace the origins of her emotional reactions and identify the destructive belief. This allows her to literally look at the belief from a detached, objective viewpoint, away from the heat of the moment, and take the necessary steps to disentangle that unproductive belief.

Powerful Quotes by Sinead

  • Wellness begins with just loving yourself, because if you love yourself, you make all the right choices.
  • Just like a waiter at a restaurant, the Universe can’t give you what you want unless you order it.
  • When trust is strong in the relationship, everything becomes so much easier.
  • Sometimes, you just need your therapist to tell you that you’re fucking good enough.

Guest Info

Sinead Hegarty

An influencer, motivational speaker and founder of brave retreats and shine online.

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