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Today’s podcast is Solo Q+A. All of today’s questions have come in through my Instagram page. Enjoy. 

  • 03:58 Surely if you’re dropping body fat, your weight would also drop as a result.
  • 15:31 Thoughts on body recompositions vs bulk/shred cycles
  • 24:24 Thoughts on a “treat” every day to keep on track for the long-term
  • 31:03 Are you gaining any muscle while running 15km after your workouts?
  • 35:31 If you weren’t a PT what would your next favorite career be?
  • 40:44 What were your expectations as a new PT in how successful your business would become?
  • 47:34 Do you ever get cravings (chocolate, etc.)? If so how do you handle it?
  • 56:57 What do you think is the unhealthiest habit in society these days – physical or mental?

Key Points

  • There is a difference between dropping body fat and losing weight. Losing fat is losing fat. Losing weight means seeing your numbers go down on a scale, whether that’s due to losses in water, body fat, muscle, and/or other tissues in the body. Your body fat and your weight can both go down if your goal is to lose body fat, but it’s not guaranteed simply because you’re trying to do two different things. Get clear on what you want, whether you’re just trying to look better or you’re trying to improve your performance, and ideally work with a coach to guide you there.
  • The best nutritional plan is the one that fits into your lifestyle and schedule, includes foods that you enjoy, and is in alignment with your goals. The plan that works for you is something that you can stick to for the long-term. Some people enjoy the bulk/cut cycle while others only find themselves miserable throughout. In that case, recomposition may be a better plan for you. You also want to include foods that you enjoy in your diet and not ascribe the labels of “good” or “bad” to foods, because food has no morals. If you dread your diet, it won’t last.
  • Goals change. This is true of career and business as with any other aspect of life. As you “move up the ladder” and you gain a new perspective, you’ll sometimes be naturally pulled towards another direction, and you should embrace it. The goals you’re holding so strongly to today may change in as little as six months from now. If your goals today are the same as they were six years ago, consider that as feedback that what you’re doing is probably not working. As an easy example: If you’ve been dieting to lose weight for half your life, you’re doing it wrong.

Powerful Quotes by Brian

  • Certain teas and supplements may have a thermic effect, but the real thing that boosts your metabolism is resistance training. Other factors such as recovery and eating good quality foods also affect your metabolism. But I would always take any silver bullet tea with a grain of salt.
  • First and foremost, logically, understand that these are two different things: Losing body fat is lowering the amount of body fat on your body. Lowering weight is reducing the number on the scale.
  • When it comes to body recomposition, it tends to work better for most people because all you’re doing is fine-tuning something that is already working for you.
  • My nutritional philosophy is: The best nutritional plan is the one that fits into your lifestyle and schedule, includes foods that you enjoy, and is in alignment with your goals.
  • There are no good or bad foods. Food has no morals. If your diet is something that you dread, it’s normally a sign that you haven’t found what’s working for you.
  • Your goals change as you start moving up the ladder.

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