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Meaghan B Murphy is an author, editor, on-air personality, lifestyle and health expert and influencer, a home-hack master and certified trainer.

Meaghan was recently named Editor in Chief of Woman’s Day (the #1 selling magazine on newsstands), charged with energizing the brand across print and digital.

Along with guiding Woman’s Day creative vision, which reaches 18 million readers each month, Meaghan also develops strategic partnerships across all platforms, conceives of new ways to generate revenue and promotes WD in the media as a regular guest expert on “Live with Kelly & Ryan,” “Today,” “GMA”, “The Dr. Oz Show,” and many more. Additionally, she’s been featured on many radio shows and podcasts (she co-hosted “Conversations with Maria Menounos” on SiriusXM!),’s “The Daily Front Row,” The, The Newsette, Macaroni Kid and more, and recently launched her own podcast entitled Off the Gram with fellow wellness influencers.

A New Jersey native, Meaghan married her younger brother’s best friend, Pat, and together they live in Westfield with their “Irish triplets,” Charley (10), James (8) and Brooks (7), and labradoodle Dempsey.
She is also the author of the new book Your Fully Charged Life which we will be doing a deep dive into on today’s podcast.

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Episode Outline

  • 03:37 Meaghan’s backstory and how she overcame her innately negative self
  • 06:56 The decision to turn her mess into her message by writing a book
  • 12:44 Establishing happiness habits
  • 14:04 Recovering from an eating disorder and healing her relationship with food
  • 18:32 Meaghan’s current relationship with adversity
  • 19:24 Putting together your toolkit for overcoming adversity and the importance of starting small
  • 27:12 Chasing what excites you and how to listen to that voice
  • 28:14 How to become grounded in gratitude
  • 31:43 Positive psychology, “checking in at check-out” and asking what people are doing right and emulating them
  • 36:37 Improving your relationship with your phone
  • 39:02 Learning to say “no” and not doing things out of a sense of obligation
  • 45:40 The most popular lessons from Meaghan’s book
  • 49:43 The one Instagram post that Meaghan would want everyone in the world to see

Key Points

  • If you want to move the needle on your happiness, you need to embody happy by doing happy. It is scientifically proven that you can act your way into being happier, live with more hope and positivity, and move through conflicts and setbacks with grit and grace – all living out your day-to-day life with a joyful and optimistic stride in everything you do, big and small.
  • Whether you desire to recover from an eating disorder or just plain want to change unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, don’t look at exercise and better nutrition as “punishment” but as an opportunity to grow your body and mind while expelling negativity and stress. It also helps to know that most people find it a challenge to stay disciplined and consistent with their healthy habits, but that it’s worth it. Use this fact to motivate you to soldier on.
  • From setting goals to cultivating an attitude of gratitude, making any personal changes works best when you start small and keep your focus on the little, otherwise mundane things. Instead of looking at your tasks as things you “have” to do, think of them as things that you “get” to do. An easy example is going to the gym in the new normal: Be grateful that gyms are finally opening up and you have a great opportunity to really work on your fitness goals.

Powerful Quotes by Meaghan

  • You could be happy if you learn to do happy. Happy is not this passive state of being – it is this active state of doing.
  • The first step in any dream is being brave enough to say it out loud.
  • It’s not until you hit the lowest of lows that you begin to understand that maybe there’s a different, better way to live.
  • I am not much of a goal-setter; but I am a goal-getter. I never focus on the big picture because I believe that if you’re always worrying about the “what ifs” then you can never focus on the “what is”.
  • The more I appreciate things, the more I get excited about things.
  • I’m an expert “no”-sayer. I like to think of saying “no” as a form of self-care, so that I can say “yes” to what matters.
  • A half-assed “yes” is way more disrespectful than a wholehearted “no”.

Guest Info

Meaghan B Murphy

An author, editor, on-air personality, lifestyle and health expert and influencer, a home-hack master and certified trainer.

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