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Orla O’Flaherty is a herbalist, naturopath, and nutritionist who specialises in female health.

In our last episode together (podcast 320) – Orla talked about Cortisol, Estrogen, Female Fat Loss, The Contraceptive Pill and Managing An Underactive or Overactive Thyroid. In today’s episode we are going to be going a little deeper on the topics of thyroid, PMS, fertility, and amenorrhoea (losing your period), amongst other things.

Today’s episode is largely female-focused; but also has some great food for thought for males as well.

Episode Outline

  • 02:50 The reception to our first episode with Orla and the most requested topics for a follow-up by listeners
  • 05:40 Over- and underactive thyroid
  • 16:07 Orla’s approach to working with clients who are already on some sort of medication
  • 19:23 Self-care for thyroid
  • 25:54 Defining “PMS”
  • 30:58 How men can develop compassion for women through education
  • 38:06 PMS – how to minimise the negative symptoms and educating men on the compassion needed around it
  • 42:33 The importance of balanced hormones for mood and sex drive Amenorrhoea (losing your period) – who is most at risk and why does it happen?
  • 50:52 Fertility and your pre-pregnancy prep

Key Points

  • There is a huge link between the thyroid and the gut. 70% of our immune system is created within the gut, and anything that is autoimmune is inherently inflammatory. By reducing the amount of inflammation via the amount of toxins we are exposed to, bacteria in the gut, and mineral deficiencies, we improve our gut health. Without a healthy gut, we cannot adequately absorb nutrients from our food. We are not what you eat, but what we absorb.
  • It’s important for every woman – starting from their childhood, in fact – to be able to have open conversations about their periods with the main male figures in their lives. Men obviously have a hard time wrapping their heads around the idea of a period, and many find it an uncomfortable topic. It can be scarring for women. By being willing to have empathetic, celebratory conversations, we can eliminate the taboo nature of the subject of periods.
  • Fertility is a journey shared by both partners. The male partner is just as much involved as the woman trying to conceive. Depending on the circumstances, in case of fertility-related issues both partners may have to undergo tests. On an even more personal level, both partners are responsible for minimizing stress around their challenges and for nurturing intimacy as they walk this journey together.

Powerful Quotes by Orla

  • Up to 50% of thyroid problems go undiagnosed for years, and that’s when it has a compound effect. Before you know it, you’ve really crashed and gone into what’s known as a “thyroid storm” if you’re a hyperactive thyroid.
  • As naturopaths and herbalists, we treat the person, not the condition. Everybody’s constitution is different and everybody’s going to react differently depending on their chemical makeup and the chemical makeup of their food and environment.
  • Not being allowed to talk about your periods with the main male figures in your life is a complete rejection of who you are as a person, as a whole, as a woman.
  • Fertility is not just the woman’s journey; it’s the couple’s journey.

Orla O’ Flaherty

Orla O’ Flaherty is a herbalist, naturopath, and nutritionist who specialises in female health.

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