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Udo Erasmus is the Co-Founder of Udo’s Choice Supplements.

After being poisoned by pesticides in 1980, Udo turned his passion and attention to health. He obsessively studied literature; created a method for making good oils with health in mind; developed the first ever flaxseed oil; authored several books on the effects of oils on health: Fats and Oils; Fats That Heal Fats That Kill; Choosing the Right Fats; Omega 3 Cuisine; and enthusiastically educated the public in about 40 countries on the effects of oils on health and disease.

Over the past 15 years, He has shared the stage with luminaries like Tony Robbins (on oils) and Deepak Chopra (on peace,) keynoted an international Brain Health conference, and lectured in conferences on five continents.

Today’s conversation will educate you on the importance of having high quality fats in your diet and all the misconceptions that surround it.

Episode Outline

  • 06:01 His backstory into creating Udo’s
  • 13:49 The major misconceptions around fat (from the past and currently in 2021)
  • 25:10 Fats and weight loss (keto)
  • 31:55 The right Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio for most people
  • 36:35 The carb vs fat debate and why there’s only one clear winner
  • 44:48 The biggest healthcare-related lies Udo has heard in 2021 so far
  • 49:05 What Udo means by “food as nature made it”

Key Points

  • One of the biggest misconceptions around fat is that eating fat makes you fat. This is true only insofar as the excess calories can lead to fat gain. If anything, the bigger culprit is carbs as these tend to be overeating much more often than fat; not to mention the blood sugar swings from insulin that aggravate cravings. As to the fats themselves, what matters more is the impact of the type of fat you’re eating on your overall health. Prioritize the right ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 in your diet, especially if you are doing a higher-fat diet like keto.
  • Fat has been our fuel source for as long as modern human beings have been around. There is a reason there is no such thing as “essential carbohydrates” but we have “essential fats”. The ability of fats to suppress appetite is only beginning. You can curb cravings by spreading out your fats throughout your meals, but you’ll also maintain energy stability because a higher-fat diet does not cause blood sugar swings.
  • Always try to stick to “food as nature made it”. Have you ever seen a squirrel with a frying pan? No animal cooks its food. Food as nature made it is fresh, whole, raw, organic, in-season, local, and sunripe. Nutrition does not have to be complicated, and this becomes obvious if you look outside what civilization says you need and toward what your own body tells you it needs.

Powerful Quotes by Udo

  • If you want to accomplish great things, start with a disaster.
  • More health problems come from damaged oils than any other part of nutrition, and more health benefits come from getting oils right and made with health in mind than any other part of nutrition. Sugar comes after that.
  • There is nothing in carbohydrates you can’t get elsewhere. There is something in fats that you can’t get elsewhere.
  • Civilization is created by the mind. The body is created by life.

Guest Info

Dr. Udo Erasmus

Co-Founder of Udo’s Choice Supplements

Sold over 250,000 copies of books, including Fats That Heal Fats That Kill
Passionately conducted 5,000+ live presentations
Given 3,000+ media interviews
Traveled to 40+ countries with his message on how to achieve perfect health
Sold and distributed 25,000,000 bottles from his Udo’s Choice product line in 50+ countries

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