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Gerry Hussey is a performance psychologist, co-founder of Soul Space and the best-selling author of the book Awaken Your Power Within.

He has been in the human health and performance field for almost 20 years and has been at the forefront of building high-performance teams and individuals in Olympic and Professional, sport and corporate organisations.

Gerry is a leading voice that is challenging us to rethink health and performance in a whole new way and his integrated approach is one of honesty, simplicity, and authenticity.

Through his programs, events, and keynote speaking engagements, he helps clients strip away learned behaviours and thinking patterns and unclutter, clarify and overcome both internal and external obstacles and challenges, and ignite the best version of themselves from both a Mind, Body & Spirit perspective.

Gerry brings an unrivalled wealth of honesty, experience, and infectious passion to everything he does.

This was one of these podcasts that really struck a chord with me personally so I hope it does the same for you.

Episode Outline

  • 04:28 Why Gerry decided to write his new best-selling book
  • 08:46 The biggest misconception people tend to have about mindset
  • 13:11 What Gerry knows now that he wishes he knew years ago
  • 17:07 The true definition of “success” and “failure”
  • 22:30 Why do we ignore or suppress our heart?
  • 24:57 Why we get distracted
  • 28:14 The power of letting go
  • 35:09 How to rewire your mindset to “I am enough”
  • 50:42 The one message that Gerry would want the world to hear

Key Points

  • The mind is so much more than the brain. Because of that, working on the mind is more than working on traits such as your confidence and resilience. Working on your mind is a process of reshaping your body and, by extension, reshaping your entire life. The brain is merely a “TV set” that receives and broadcasts signals; but, it doesn’t generate the signal. Your thoughts originate from your soul, your consciousness, beyond mind and body.
  • The biggest gift that anybody can give themselves is permission to live life on your own terms. Life is short and your dreams are special. Allow your soul to be free by expressing exactly who you are without worrying about what other people think. The more you try to be the same as everyone else, the more you stifle your uniqueness. Bio-individuality is key to growth, from lifestyle to training to nutrition—to realizing your unique potential in all areas.
  • No amount of green juice will alkalize a toxic self-image. If you believe you were born to be happy, and that the Universe is here to serve, and that we can control our response to an obstacle, you let go of the fear of having no control. But if you believe that the world is a bad place and that the Universe is out to get you, you live in a perpetual state of fight-or-flight. The Universe only gives us what we’re ready to receive.

Powerful Quotes by Gerry

  • The mind isn’t the brain. It’s so much more than the brain.
  • When we look at consciousness—when we look at the soul—the soul of every human being is different. Many of our physical dimensions can be very similar. But what makes us unique, what makes us special, what makes us come alive is our soul—the very essence of who we are.
  • We’re not born to be like everybody else. Our soul can only come alive when we give it permission to be who we are—to follow our dreams and to follow our ambitions.
  • I believe that “failure” is having a dream, having an ambition, and letting it die in your heart, suppressing it and starving it until it dies. […] Success is arriving into the person we were born to be.
  • No amount of green juice will alkalize a toxic self-image.
  • EGO is “Edging God Out”.
  • When we see every single human life as a beautiful, sacred, precious life, we start to move in the right direction.

Guest Info

Gerry Hussey

The Soul Coach

Gerry is a performance psychologist and also in more recent times been coined ‘The Soul Coach’. He has been in the human health and performance Field for almost 20 years.