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Sarah Butler is a former designer turned food influencer and her Instagram page with nearly 30k followers is full of great cooking content based around recipes for real life.

She is also a busy working mum and her content is designed around her love for teaching people how to cook easy, healthy, and tasty food. Her tips and tricks will help even the novice cook feel confident in the kitchen.

Sarah is a ball of energy and I loved chatting with her; so I hope you get loads from this episode.

Episode Outline

  • 03:04 Sarah’s journey from designer to food influencer and how that all came about
  • 07:24 The biggest thing people struggle with when it comes to food and cooking and Sarah’s top tips
  • 13:17 Time management strategies to become a better and more efficient cook
  • 16:57 Nutritional guidelines that Sarah follows to keep her dishes as healthy and tasty as possible
  • 23:57 How to get started with cooking if you’re a beginner
  • 28:28 The question Sarah gets asked the most
  • 32:32 What Sarah wishes she knew about cooking when she first began this journey
  • 34:56 Using The Sarah Butler At Home Podcast to show more of her personality
  • 38:25 Who can benefit from Sarah’s online cookery courses?
  • 45:35 What Sarah is most excited about right now

Key Points

  • Most people believe that cooking great food requires a lot of talent, which is simply not true. If you can read recipes and watch YouTube videos, you can cook. It’s true that you have to have an interest in it, which of course is the case for any skill that you want to improve. Simplicity is also key: With enough education and experience, one can do a lot with a handful of ingredients by mixing and matching the right amounts. But this instinct is built over time.
  • If you want the food that you cook to be as healthy as possible without sacrificing taste, stick to whole foods. If you don’t have a specific health or fitness goal, feel free to introduce ingredients such as butter, salt, and even sugar. The important thing is to not overuse these ingredients. By adding in just enough, you satisfy your cravings and stay within your limit. Moderation and portion control are vital to eating a balanced diet.
  • If you’re just starting on your cooking journey, always remember to keep it simple. Don’t go for a complicated dish on your first try. Just as the best cooks can do a lot with a few basic ingredients, so too should the beginner learn to master the basics. Stay organized by writing down your seven favorite basic meals and keep that list in the kitchen so that you know exactly what foods to buy and exactly what dishes you’re going to be making.

Powerful Quotes by Sarah

  • It’s all about giving people confidence. A lot of people are scared of cooking. Once they can do it and they know they can do it, they’re off.
  • [The biggest misconception people have about cooking] is that it’s difficult—that you need to be a good cook. If you can read and watch, you can cook. You certainly have to have an interest in it and you have to keep it simple.
  • If this is your first time cooking] keep it simple and just enjoy it. Make a really simple, nice tasty dinner. Don’t go with something crazy at first.

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Sarah Butler

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