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Felicity Rosina is a fitness trainer and online coach who specialises in pre- and postnatal training.

Her focus is about building a community that empowers women to be their best selves and be so confident they’re ready to walk a runway.

Today’s podcast content is in a slightly reverse order. The first half is all about pre- and postnatal training and then we transition out to general fat loss and mindset. If you’re not interested in pregnancy or pre- and postnatal, I’d highly recommend skipping to about halfway through the podcast.

This is where Felicity drops some great mindset and life-tip knowledge bombs. Enjoy.

Episode Outline

  • 03:13 Felicity’s background
  • 04:34 Training in pre and postnatal – what you can, cannot and shouldn’t do
  • 10:39 Managing appetite and food intake during pregnancy
  • 12:11 Common mistakes women make postnatal
  • 13:57 Postnatal recovery tips
  • 15:02 The role calorie counting plays in general weight loss
  • 17:22 The most common nutrition-related myths that the general population fall prey to
  • 20:13 Does calorie counting matter pre- and postnatal?
  • 22:25 Breastfeeding and the nutritional elements to consider
  • 24:24 Stress management technique for pre and postnatal
  • 26:56 What to do if you’re scared of putting on too much weight in pregnancy
  • 29:10 The importance of mindset
  • 31:11 Considerations around IVF
  • 33:27 How Felicity does research
  • 35:09 Leaving her corporate job and following her passion into fitness
  • 40:10 What Felicity knows now that she wishes she knew then
  • 41:06 Finding herself through therapy and how it led her to a happier life by defriending toxic people

Key Points

  • Pregnancy is a different experience for every female. In general, however, the general consensus is that women who are pregnant have to stop exercising for the duration of their pregnancy. The truth is, they can exercise, but they have to adapt their activity to their specific situation and how they feel. In fact, being sedentary throughout the pregnancy will weaken your body, not to mention lead to muscle loss and fat gain.
  • While working with a coach is the best option for anybody with a strong health or fitness goal, if you understand the fundamentals of nutrition, you can still go far on your own, especially if you’re somebody who just wants to maintain general fitness. For instance, most people know that calorie counting can be useful, but only so far as you’re willing to stay consistent with it. Further, eating a lot of protein doesn’t make you bulky nor does eating a lot of carbs necessarily make you fat faster. By being aware of these and other common nutrition-related myths, you’ll be ahead of most other people who want to boost their health and fitness.
  • If you’re pregnant, remember that you’re growing a child who requires your full attention. Your own fitness goals should never be prioritized over your baby’s health and safety over these nine months. This is a period that will last less than a year. You have all the time in the world afterwards to get back to those goals. Also note that, post-pregnancy, your body will bounce back quicker than you think if you’ve laid the groundwork prior to getting pregnant.

Powerful Quotes by Felicity

  • With postnatal, women tend to want to do too much too soon. They forget that they just gave birth. […] They need that time to recover.
  • When you get pregnant, you should probably not weigh yourself at all. You’re growing a child, and that’s going to count for something. You’re not just growing a ball of air. […] In those first 12 weeks after you’ve given birth, your body will bounce back quicker than you think.
  • [Finding yourself] starts with being really comfortable with who you are and being able to say “no” to things without getting FOMO.
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