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Miriam Kerins Hussey is an integrative health and wellness coach, keynote speaker, and founder of Soul Space.
She specialises in integrative Health and Wellness coaching that focuses on lifestyle as Medicine and getting to the root cause of performance and health related issues as this is the real awakening that allows lasting change and transformative breakthroughs.

Her style focuses on the mind body connection and integrates a holistic approach to enhanced health and wellbeing.

I met Miriam at the 2018 Welfest event where we shared the stage in a Q+A with dietician Orla Walsh (from podcast 203) and this episode has been a long time coming. There are so many “penny drop” and “ah-ha” moments here, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Episode Outline

  • 03:27 Miriam’s backstory and how she developed a passion for health and wellness
  • 09:02 How stress and anxiety has become our “new normal” and tools for moving past it in modern society
  • 15:15 Why very few people actually take the time to practice self-care
  • 20:01 How to build your internal self-compassion muscle with mirror and inner child work
  • 24:40 The art of reframing
  • 30:03 Letting go and the learning to surrender
  • 34:58 How small simple life changes make huge differences to your energy levels
  • 40:09 Emotional eating and nutritional wellbeing
  • 44:39 What Miriam would tell her younger self

Key Points

  • Wellness is about so much more than our physical being. Our sense of self, health, and vitality goes beyond our physical body because we are not mechanical robots made up of nuts and bolts. We are energetic beings with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. So many of these intangible factors contribute to the physical biology and chemical reactions that occur in the body.
  • A common reason so many of us have a difficult time with practicing self-care is that we don’t feel worthy. We often don’t value ourselves enough to do the work necessary to maintain a high-performance lifestyle. This is compounded by modern society constantly telling us to put others’ wants and needs over our own, and so we end up prioritizing the wellness of individuals apart from ourselves.
  • The best way to change your life for the better is to empower yourself with the knowledge to be able to navigate a world that is both fast-paced and full of lifestyle conveniences that are often detrimental to your long-term health. Examples in the latter include how so many people are misinformed when it comes to eating healthier: They drastically cut calories and/or carbs, impulsively buy the “organic” option just because it is labeled as so, and generally get swept away by the latest exercise or diet fad. As a result, they never actually reach their goals.

Powerful Quotes by Miriam

  • Often, what we do in the Western world [of medicine is that] we treat the symptom as opposed to actually opening the lid on what actually is going on in this person’s life that might be the root cause or contributing to this person feeling unwell.
  • Sometimes, it’s the nicest people in the world that are the hardest on themselves because they put everybody else before themselves to maybe be seen, to get that external approval, or to feel validated because, internally, they don’t feel that validation.
  • There is huge strength in our vulnerability.
  • When there is difficulty, when there is resistance, when there is blockage, that’s where a lot of your answers lie, and beyond the blockage lies the greatest of opportunities.
  • Food can fill us up, but it can never fulfill us.
  • Not everybody is going to love me, and that’s okay.

Miriam Hussey

Pharmacist & integrative health & wellness coach

Miriam is a qualified pharmacist with huge passion for holistic health and wellbeing. As a qualified Integrative Health and wellness coach, Yoga and meditation facilitator among many other trainings & qualifications, Miriam devotes her life to focusing on the Mind – Body connection and Lifestyle as Medicine.

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