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Amanda Valentine is PN1 certified nutrition coach, weight loss specialist and award-winning radio personality and podcaster.

In January 2012, she made a New Year’s resolution to stop dieting and to start making the best decision in every moment. She resolved to just do the best she could, to stop forcing herself to eat vegetables she hated, and to stop paying for gym memberships she’d never use. Slow steps, small goals, and a lot of determination helped her to lose over 100 pounds and keep it off.

She is living proof that dedication, passion, and strength can be ignited in anyone. Her positive messages of health and wellness are regularly promoted on the radio, on her podcast, and throughout social media, where audiences are always eager to hear more about her weekly meal prep process, daily fitness workouts, and her fun-loving outlook on life.

Amanda is not only lively and personable, she shows others how it is possible to change their lives, break old habits, and even have fun while doing it.

I was on Amanda’s show a few weeks ago and absolutely loved her energy (and story) so I’m delighted she could join me for this podcast.

This is a must listen for anyone on a weight loss journey or for those who feel too confused and/or overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting weight loss advice out there.

Episode Outline

  • 04:11 How she lost 100lbs by walking more and just making a few dietary changes
  • 08:04 Amanda on her gradual process of realizing it was time to make a change
  • 16:34 What Amanda knows now that she wishes she knew then regarding binge eating
  • 20:19 How Amanda recognized her coping mechanisms
  • 22:56 How to beat the feeling of overwhelm when you have so much weight to lose
  • 26:30 How that transitioned from walking to finding a new love for strength training and running
  • 32:58 Amanda’s first piece of advice to someone who is just beginning their weight loss journey
  • 37:90 Why we don’t like to ask for help
  • 41:46 The sad reality of losing friendships on a weight loss journey

Key Points

  • If you want to overcome an addiction or overhaul your lifestyle or eating habits completely, it’s going to be virtually impossible (if you’re like most people) to quit eating or drinking those bad foods and drinks cold turkey. It’s much more sustainable to gradually swap things out. For example, if you’re addicted to energy drinks, switch to frappuccinos for a short time, then to coffee with cream and sugar, and finally to black coffee—and maybe even totally cut out the coffee after that. Likewise, before doing regular runs, start with walks, and work up from there.
  • Just as it is difficult to sustain a weight loss goal by dropping bad foods cold turkey and jumping straight into a challenging workout plan, when setting a transformation goal it may be easier to shoot for something as simple as “feeling better” rather than diving into a drastic regimen. Different people are motivated by different things, but for many, overwhelm causes them to give up right at the beginning. Don’t be too hard on yourself and set relatively easy goals that one can see oneself achieving in short timeframes. Over time, these small choices add up.
  • When you decide to make a major change in your life, you will lose a few friends and maybe even a few family members because their lifestyle and/or way of thinking will no longer be compatible with yours. That’s okay. Remember, you’re choosing you and what’s best for you. It’s vital to have a good support circle and if someone you used to hang out with is unable to be that support, you’ve probably outgrown them, and it is best for both of you to part ways. Also know that this isn’t a reflection on you, but on themselves and their perceived shortcomings.

Powerful Quotes by Amanda

  • Binge eating wasn’t this part of me that I should have been ashamed of. It didn’t make me a bad person. It was teaching me and letting out what was best for me.
  • Ask for help. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and you’re not sure where to go, talk to a coach, talk to a personal trainer, talk to a therapist, talk to a friend. We hold so much shame around our own body that we never talk about it.

Guest Info

Amanda Valentine

Amanda Valentine is PN1 certified nutrition coach, weight loss specialist and award-winning radio personality and podcaster.

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