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Nathalie Lennon is a qualified nutritional coach and personal trainer.

We did round 1 of this podcast all the way back in October 2018. Episode 187: Former Bikini Competitor Nathalie Lennon on Obsession vs Passion!

In today’s episode we focus more on food relationships, disordered eating and alternative methods to losing weight and reducing fat with an intuitive awareness around food. 

This full podcast is also available in video on the YouTube channel Brian Keane Fitness.

Episode Outline

  • 03:05 A brief synopsis of Nathalie’s background
  • 07:32 Who calorie tracking is for and who it’s NOT for
  • 09:39 Improving food relationships by taking a more intuitive approach to your nutrition
  • 10:20 Eating disorder types and Nathalie’s personal battle
  • 16:52 How to “wean” yourself off the addiction of tracking the food you eat
  • 25:30 Her relapse and getting her period back after four years and the changes she had to make to heal her body
  • 33:37 When too much exercise becomes a problem (the obsession problem)
  • 38:38 Letting go of guilt around missing workouts, not training as hard, and not tracking your food
  • 47:48 How to get to the point where you become confident in who you are and the values you live by

Key Points

  • Some people have found tracking or counting calories as an incredibly useful way to ensure progress in their goals. However, the majority of people don’t find this to be the case. Being too rigid around your caloric intake can cause an obsession that leads to eating disorders. Intuitive eating on the other hand leads to overeating, especially if the person is not used to what their body can handle and does not have at least a basic grasp of nutritional values of different foods. Nathalie opts for a middle ground in a concept she calls “intuitive awareness”.
  • If you’re trying to “wean” yourself off of the addiction of counting every calorie you consume, the very first step is to get professional help, i.e. working with a dietician. Even Nathalie needed help. After all, “every coach needs a coach.” Some people will do best with baby steps, but others like Nathalie just need to rip the bandaid off and brace themselves for the wave of stress and anxiety that will wash over them for the first few weeks. As with doing anything new or uncomfortable, we need to accept that spike in cortisol. It will dissipate over time with consistency.
  • To let go of guilt around missing workouts, not training as hard, and not tracking your food, find some healthy coping mechanisms to keep your mind and body occupied. Fill up your day with activities that are productive but aren’t physically demanding, such as strengthening your relationships or building your brand or business. Even something as simple as spending more time with your family can help a lot. If you can find one, hire a coach that will keep you accountable to your new healthy habits that don’t have to do with exercise or food.

Powerful Quotes by Nathalie

  • We are not meant to be calculating food, mathematically, all the time. […] Food is not supposed to be a maths equation, [but] it has become that for people.
  • I hope people […] question their habits and just make sure they have a healthy relationship with food and fitness.
  • Let go of the guilt, dive into the mistakes, and put yourself first more often.

Guest Info

Nathalie Lennon

Nutritional & Health Coach and Personal Trainer

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