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Diren kartal is a London based personal trainer, online fitness coach and the Head Coach at Project X Training, The UK’s leading accountability program. 

He specializes in helping people lose weight and get in great shape by focusing on his NEATUP247 approach which we dive into in this podcast.  He is also the host of The Diren Kartal Show.

Diren has a great message that cuts through a lot of the bullsh*t you see online and he pulls no punches in this podcast either.

Episode Outline

  • 02:35 Diren’s backstory as a personal trainer
  • 04:40 All about NEATUP247 and why the gym is great but you don’t NEED it for sustainable fat loss
  • 08:57 Why simplifying fitness and nutrition IS what you need to focus on!
  • 12:00 Overcoming insecurities
  • 14:54 Dealing with comparison syndrome and where you SHOULD be focusing your attention
  • 16:57 How to choose your problems and how to handle the ones you didn’t choose
  • 21:22 How to protect your energy and cut out emotional vampires
  • 25:18 Diren’s current dream
  • 27:29 Diren’s most underrated fat loss tools
  • 31:39 Influencer body positivity bullshit and why it can be destructive to your body confidence!
  • 40:15 How well Diren gets his (sometimes) controversial messages across on social media
  • 45:01 Diren’s favorite podcasts
  • 47:56 Something Diren has changed his mind about recently
  • 49:57 The one Instagram post that Diren would want everyone to see

Key Points

  • General activity is overlooked by most people who want to get into shape or even just want to live a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is great, but your exercise activity is just a small percentage of your day. Alongside this overlooked fact, many trainers overcomplicate fitness when all normal people need is simplicity in their day-to-day activities so that they can habitualize a healthy lifestyle that they can sustain for a lifetime.
  • To protect your emotional resiliency and avoid the comparison trap, it helps to trust your gut. Choose your problems and disregard the rest. Avoid emotional vampires like the plague and engage only with people and activities that build or preserve your energy. Be selective about your environment. You do yourself and those you unfriend a favor by making your purpose and boundaries clear.
  • Move. Sleep. Eat. Train. Rinse and repeat. Set a routine and don’t overcomplicate things. Set aside time for your mental health along with your physical health. Slow down and stop trying to get so many things done back to back to back. Life goes on, and there is time. In any case, you won’t get the things you desire if you’re not in the right place in body, mind, and spirit to work for them.

Powerful Quotes by Diren

  • I simplify things because, for most people, fitness is not their life. […] You don’t want them to think too much, because if they think too much, they stress too much. And when they stress, nothing goes to plan.
  • Only pay attention to your growth. Are you better than yesterday?
  • If we don’t wake up with a purpose or a problem to solve, why do we wake up?
  • It’s crazy how underrated emotional intelligence is. I don’t think people realize how much you can add to someone’s life by getting better at conversations.

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