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Amanda Nighbert is a registered dietitian and fitness enthusiast with a passion and purpose to empower others who want to get back on track and take control of their health. 

Over the past 18 years, Amanda has gained knowledge and experience that has helped her guide more than 34,000 people in their weight loss and wellness journeys. 

With her custom LEAN Program, range of coaching services, and multiple shop offerings, she has cultivated a brand that focuses on giving you the leading tools and resources to help you reach the best version of you. Her goal is to provide the most current, cutting edge nutritional techniques that not only provide results but are also sustainable for life.

This was a super enjoyable conversation with somebody who has a very similar approach to the nutrition as I do so I hope you get loads of golden nuggest from it. 

Episode Outline

  • 04:34 Amanda’s background in the health and fitness industry
  • 06:15 How small daily changes equal big long term results
  • 07:43 What to focus on if you want sustainable results on a weight loss plan
  • 09:27 Breaking the “all or nothing” mindset
  • 13:27 The “might as well” thinking and resetting
  • 17:22 80:20 eating and working through your guilt around food
  • 19:18 Why macros matter over calories
  • 23:39 The power of carbohydrate cycling
  • 27:44 The importance of protein
  • 30:02 The role of exercise in weight loss
  • 38:20 How not to overcomplicate healthy eating
  • 40:14 Underrated fat loss tools
  • 42:23 What Amanda has changed her mind about in recent years
  • 44:01 What Amanda is most excited about in the health and fitness industry
  • 46:51 The one Instagram post that Amanda would want everyone to see

Key Points

  • Weight loss is a billion dollar industry and so it’s no surprise that most people tend to look for quick fixes as well as the latest and greatest. But at the end of the day, it’s all about the “unsexy” foundational work: eating whole foods, being active, making sleep a priority, and reducing stress.
  • Changing your mindset overnight is not an easy thing. Whether you have a tendency to go “all or nothing” or succumb to “might as well” thinking, it can be tricky to give yourself permission to not have to go for perfection. It greatly helps to start by using the flexible 80:20 approach, where you stick to your nutrition plan 80% of the time and allow yourself the occasional donut the rest of the time. That way, there is no such thing as “forbidden foods”.
  • You need to take in at least 50-75% of your current weight in protein per day. We often underestimate our caloric intake, which in turn makes us underestimate how much protein we need to consume. Take your total number and spread it out across at least three meals throughout your day.

Powerful Quotes by Amanda

  • It wasn’t the diet failing. It was the person failing to implement the diet in a sustainable, consistent manner that failed. The reason why people fall off-track the most is this “all or nothing mindset”: the thought that, “If I can’t be perfect, then it’s not worth doing anything at all.”
  • Within an appropriate caloric intake, the balance of your macronutrients is far more important than total calories.
  • People are so paralyzed with fear over protein because there are so many mixed messages in the media, in the nutrition space about it. It’s the most polarizing macronutrient. Everyone has a lot to say about protein, mainly where you consume it from. But, nobody is talking about how adequate protein is so important.
  • High carbohydrate intake is what is driving every disease condition, as well as obesity, around the world.
  • At the end of the day, all diets work. It’s really finding a way of eating that fits your lifestyle.

Guest Info

Amanda Nighbert

Registered dietitian and fitness enthusiast

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