Today on the podcast:

Dr. William Hsu was the VP of International Programs and Medical Director of the Asian Clinic at Joslin Diabetes Center, a teaching and research affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

After 20 years of a distinguished career as an endocrinologist, Dr. William Hsu joined L-Nutra in 2019 as Chief Medical Officer. 

In this role, Dr. Hsu leads the clinical development effort at L-Nutra, oversees the Medical Affairs Department, and advances the education and adoption of fasting and Fasting Mimicking Diet as an innovative tool to extend human health span.

This podcast topic is a big interest for me personally as I’ve been looking into the research on intermittent fasting (and caloric restriction in general) for longevity and health; but we also talk alot about body composition and fat loss here too, so if intermittent or fasting in general is of interest to you, you’ll really enjoy this episode.

Here are some of the things we talked about: 

·      How fasting is a ‘good’ stressor that helps the cells in our body

·      The difference between fasting and starvation 

·      Fat loss and fasting – metabolic and hormonal benefits 

·      If coffee or supplements okay to have during a fasting period

·      How to make yourself a fat burning machine

·      Autophagy for health span

·      Diets and foods in the blue zones 

·      How to use a fasting mimicking diet if you struggle with traditional fasting



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