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Toni Marinucci is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition.

She’s been an avid lifestyle blogger for over 10 years, and someone who’s passion lies in helping people live happier and healthier lives. She’s made it her mission to heal people’s relationship with food, gain self-confidence, and find balance in their eating habits.

She also hosts her own podcast Tips with Toni and is the owner of Diet Tips with Toni Marinucci where she provides virtual nutrition counseling through an online platform. She is also the author of the book Once Upon A Diet.

This is a killer podcast to kick off the new year. Enjoy.

Episode Outline

  • 02:57 Toni’s story with her own weight struggle and finally being able to heal her relationship with food
  • 04:57 Why dieting and dating have more in common than you think
  • 07:39 The importance of not tying your weight (or the way you look) to your self-worth
  • 13:59 What it takes to really build confidence in your body and in yourself.
  • 19:29 Why you shouldn’t track for the sake of tracking
  • 23:41 Why so many people have a poor relationship with food
  • 25:40 Toni’s biggest pet peeve about the health and fitness industry
  • 28:48 Just because a diet is “working” doesn’t mean it works and how to course correct your eating
  • 30:15 How to use failure as feedback
  • 39:06 Habit stacking and the process for breaking up with bad habits
  • 42:01 Emotional eating, the PAUSE method and not using food to numb out

Key Points

  • Restriction isn’t the answer. It’s actually part of the problem. If you want to create more healthy eating habits, start focusing on how food makes you feel rather than how it makes you look. Instead of thinking about what you shouldn’t have, think about what you can add into your life. This may include more sleep, more water, and more colorful fruits and veggies.
  • We all desire to be loved and accepted, and so our tendency is to look outside ourselves instead of within. We move further and further away from what our body wants and needs and fixate on what the media tells us we “ought” to do.
  • If you want to change a bad habit, the very first step is to become aware of it—to own it. Also map out the ripple effect that this habit is responsible for in your life so that you can really define why it is destructive and has to go. Don’t try to stop the habit overnight. Instead, replace it with a healthier one and slowly work up from there. For example, if you drink a little too much alcohol at night, replace that with a mocktail first. Be patient and take it a day at a time.

Powerful Quotes by Toni

  • Restriction isn’t the answer. It’s actually part of the problem. […] I decided to stop focusing on how food made me look, and instead start focusing on how food made me feel.
  • So many people are either chasing a number on a scale, or chasing the status of their relationship, but never really looking at the quality that’s within it.
  • You have to separate your body from yourself. Your body is a part of you, but it is not all of you.
  • Just because it’s working doesn’t mean it works.
  • It’s easier to break a bad habit when you replace it with a healthier one.
  • Building that healthy relationship with food is such a foundational component, because if you try to build anything without that, it’s going to fall apart.

Guest Info

Toni Marinucci

Toni Marinucci is a Registered Dietitian and business owner of Tips With Toni, who ironically teaches people now NOT to diet.

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