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Shane is an online coach, MNU certified nutritionist, and the host of the Shane Walsh Fitness Podcast.

Shane specializes in female fat loss and this is his second appearance on the podcast. We did round 1 in October 2020 – episode 299: Shane Walsh on Female Fat Loss, Menstrual Cycles and Weight Gain on The Contraceptive Pill, which I highly recommend if you’re female and on a fat loss journey.

In today’s episode, we go much broader and focus on why you need to avoid slimming clubs, the power of the weight loss mindset, and why diet failure is feedback, amongst other things.

Episode Outline

  • 05:02 What Shane has been up to since our last episode
  • 07:08 People failing diets versus diets failing people
  • 10:35 The allure of slimming clubs
  • 14:11 How to stop tying your self-worth to the weighing scale
  • 18:38 The link between weight gain and sleep
  • 23:40 The importance of setting boundaries in your life
  • 29:21 Shane’s dark days in 2017 and how he come through them and now prioritizes his mental health
  • 32:32 Why you can’t give from an empty cup and changing the language we use around being selfish
  • 34:28 Paul Mort’s “5 Fs”
  • 40:32 Paul’s recommended books
  • 43:53 Why healthy living doesn’t have to be difficult
  • 47:55 Shane’s soul food

Key Points

  • “Quick-fixes” never lead to sustainable results. Failed lifestyle changes are a result of both people and the food and fitness industries. Human beings naturally gravitate towards solutions that give (or at least promise to give) instant gratification—solutions offered by the majority of fitness and nutrition influencers and corporations. Stopping relying on the artificiality of slimming clubs or tying your self-worth to the weighing scale. Grow and improve for yourself, not for anyone else. Be patient, because it’s a long game, but that’s where satisfaction lies.
  • Just as your phone needs charging to retain its function, your body needs sleep to continue running optimally. Many people fall into the trap of overtraining—or “underrecovering”, as Shane puts it—believing that hammering their body more leads to more results. Sleep deprivation not only leads to burnout, more stress, and fatigue, but has also been found to lead to increased calorie consumption, which of course means greater weight gain.
  • You can live your life the way you want, or you can live your life for other people; but you can’t do both. You have one body and one brain, and only one shot at life. Don’t worry about being labeled as “selfish” by focusing on your own personal development over letting yourself be swayed by other opinions. After all, you can’t give from an empty cup.

Powerful Quotes by Shane

  • When people go on those “quick fixes”, they’re basically building a house with a foundation of matchsticks, expecting it not to collapse.
  • The scale is a metric. In the right hands, it’s a great tool; but, so is a hammer, and you don’t change a lightbulb with a hammer.
  • If you need to charge your phone every night, you need to charge your body.
  • “Diet” means way of life. It doesn’t mean restrict. It doesn’t mean misery.

Shane Walsh

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