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Georgie Crawford is health coach and wellness speaker.

She is also podcast host of the incredible show The Good Glow and creator of The Good Glow Wellness Course and The Good Glow Rise and Thrive course which she created alongside two podcast favourites Gerry and Miriam Hussey. 

This was a wonderful conversation with somebody I’ve been looking to bring on the podcast for so long. I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Episode Outline

  • 06:28 Giving birth to her daughter Pia at the age of 32 and being diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after
  • 12:50 How The Good Glow was born in November 2018, exactly 1 year after her diagnosis
  • 15:00 Trusting your gut
  • 17:30 How we can do hard things and her recent experience at the NYC half marathon and starting with 1km back in 2018
  • 20:02 Motivating yourself to implement change
  • 24:41 The common stories we tell ourselves – don’t embarrass yourself, you can’t do it, you’re not strong enough and how to change that inner dialogue
  • 28:26 Georgie’s road to recovery
  • 32:25 Why self-worth is so important in improving your general wellness
  • 35:51 The dangers of the comparison trap
  • 41:46 Podcast guests who have changed Georgie’s mind in a major way
  • 46:48 Building your wardrobe of healthy habits
  • 49:23 About The Good Glow Live
  • 53:19 The one Instagram post that Georgie would like everyone to see

Key Points

  • Trust your gut. Never ignore that voice at the back of your head that is urging you to do something that may be out of your immediate comfort zone, but will give you a purpose and so much fulfillment down the line. Your intuition will guide you to a place in your life that you may never have imagined before—and it will be worth the leap.
  • But while it’s vital to trust your gut, it’s just as important to drown out the unproductive chatter in your head—the so-called “inner critic”. We tell ourselves that we’re a certain type of person, for better or for worse. If the stories you tell about yourself, your situation, and the people and the world around you aren’t doing anybody any favours, it’s time to strip yourself of these limiting beliefs and really ask: “Who am I? Who do I want to be?”Big changes are the result of baby steps. Adopt small habits that move the needle forward in whichever part of your life you desire transformation. Those tiny, seemingly insignificant decisions all nudge you forward and add up, sometimes in ways you never expected.
  • Maintain and continuously add to your wardrobe of daily, healthy habits.

Powerful Quotes by Georgie

  • It was that time of absolute crisis that gave me purpose. If I could get just one person to check their breasts and find a lump and get to live for their kids, how could I not use my friends in radio to tell my story?
  • I make no apologies for doing me and giving myself what I need, and sitting with myself and thinking, “What do I need today?” That could be different today and it could be different tomorrow.
  • I started investing in myself, and then my outer world changed.
  • I really wanted to transform my entire life; so, I needed to take the smallest, tiniest baby steps to that overall change.
  • I love my wardrobe of healthy habits and I love adding to them all the time.

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Georgie Crawford

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