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Magnus Lygdbäck is a world-renowned Swedish health and wellness expert, entrepreneur, and lifestyle coach. 

For over 20 years, he has become known for working with some of the world’s most recognizable actors, musicians, athletes, artists, and high-performance business entrepreneurs.

His app Magnus Method has Celebrity fitness training plans made for you. It’s the exact programs he used with movie stars Gal Gadot for her role as Wonder Woman, Alicia Vikander for Tomb Raider,  James McAvoy for “Glass,  Ben Affleck for Batman, Alex Skarsgard for Tarzan and plans the musicians Katy Perry and Dua Lipa use to get fit. 

This podcast is for anyone interested to hear how Hollywood actors eat and train ahead of big movie roles and some of the skills you need to make those physical changes in your own life.

Episode Outline

  • 08:43 Moving from Scandinavia to LA to work with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars
  • 11:47 Building up Alexander Skarsgard for The Northman
  • 14:30 Why maintenance is more difficult than bulking and cutting cycles?
  • 17:06 His philosophy on nutrition – 17 out of 20 rule: 17 clean meals out of 20 in a 4-day cycle
  • 18:33 The difference between Hollywood actors training for a movie and the everyday person looking to get in great shape
  • 22:48 The three components of a successful training regimen
  • 24:54 Avoiding fitness trends
  • 28:32 Underrated fat loss tools and supplements
  • 30:22 The myth of motivation
  • 34:28 Why sleep is vital
  • 37:54 Magnus’s most challenging celebrity transformation
  • 41:31 The importance of supplementation

Key Points

  • Don’t hesitate to eat the food that you like—even when you’re keeping a close eye on your macros and calories—if only to make the journey more sustainable. Use the 17 out of 20 rule, where 17 of your meals in a 4-day cycle are on point, and you enjoy life with the other three meals.
  • These three components of any successful training regiment should make up the structure of your week: 1) Do something you like to do; 2) Do something your body needs; 3) Do something you want to master or get better at. This keeps the impulse to crave “fast” results at bay and ensures that you have balance in your training.
  • Be aware of the myth of motivation. Motivation is fleeting, and it can only take you so far. If you want predictability in your training, discipline and being accountable (i.e. to a coach) is far more important if you want to see your fitness goals through to the end.

Powerful Quotes by Magnus

  • I don’t believe in food restrictions. I don’t like it. Good food is a big part of life, and life without good food is a poor life.
  • All diets are strategies.
  • You will fail every time if you depend on motivation.

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Magnus Lygdbäck

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