Today on the podcast:

Today’s podcast is a solo Q+A with a focus around general fitness: training, nutrition, recovery and supplements. 


  • 01:10 Thoughts on using machines vs barbells vs dumbbells?
  • 12:08 Do you do lots of mobility work in between your training?
  • 16:54 Any thoughts on keto for weight loss vs calorie deficit?
  • 25:33 Do you eat extra on days where you do longer runs? To not get into too much of a deficit?
  • 33:49 Other than your books, do you have any favorite discipline or mindset audio books? 
  • 43:34 Are diet breaks helpful for someone with a lot of weight to lose?
  • 53:47 I’ve been in a calorie deficit for 3 weeks and my energy is really low, any advice?
  • 56:29 Why should I count liquid calories?
  • 57:47 Do you count calories as part of your BKF Online Program?
  • 01:04:18 Is there any real science behind thermo blast and fat burners? Or just plenty of caffeine?

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