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Dr. Kevin Stone was trained at Harvard University in internal medicine and orthopaedic surgery and at Stanford University in general surgery and is a pioneer of advanced orthopaedic surgical and rehabilitation techniques to repair, regenerate, and replace damaged cartilage and ligaments.

He is an orthopaedic surgeon at The Stone Clinic and has operated on high-performance NBA players like Steph Curry and members of the US Olympic Ski team, helping them bounce back stronger than before with recovery methods he’s developed over the last 30 years.

Dr. Stone uses anabolic therapy and other biologic techniques to work to preserve the natural biology of a joint, helping people avoid or delay an artificial joint replacement.

He is the best-selling author of the book Play Forever.

This is a very interesting conversation with a previously unexplored topic but is highly recommended if you are currently struggling with an injury or are interested in the advances in sports and injury rehabilitation.

Episode Outline

  • 06:42 Preventing common injuries that stop athletes from playing forever
  • 08:07 The importance of joint health
  • 10:40 Defining “mental fitness” and how it impacts physical fitness
  • 13:39 Why there are so many misconceptions when it comes to the treatment of injuries
  • 16:15 Two injury prevention techniques
  • 19:51 The most effective way to warm-up
  • 20:58 The best activities to do regularly in order to become a well-rounded athlete
  • 24:12 Defining “opportunity injury”
  • 26:46 How fantasy and visualization can help in recovery
  • 28:18 Taking advantage of natural gyms
  • 30:58 What we can take away from how Dr. Stone helps high-level professional athletes recover
  • 33:58 Common injuries to watch out for
  • 36:53 How our bodies heal
  • 40:22 How stem cell therapy works
  • 42:56 New breakthroughs in rehabilitation and injury prevention that Dr. Stone is most excited about
  • 44:24 Cortizone: The end of an era
  • 46:48 The part of Dr. Stone’s book that has garnered the most attention

Key Points

  • The number one cause of injury from any athlete is a mental error. By getting rid of distractions and getting laser-focused on the task at hand, you diminish so many potential injuries—including those injuries that stop you from playing forever. It absolutely pays to train your mental fitness in addition to your physical fitness, because one influences the other.
  • Focusing on mobility and diversity in your training is aid greatly in injury prevention. After all, mobility is more important than strength, and getting your body used to a diverse range of athletic expressions (by adding a new sport or regimen to your toolbox every so often) will allow it to exercise different muscles and ranges of motion, as well as tap into different mindsets. These two things will help you play forever and diminish injuries.
  • Injuries may be setbacks, but they also serve as opportunities if you choose to see them that way. Experiencing an injury is a phenomenal opportunity to look at the rest of your body and evaluate those often-overlooked parts such as the small muscles on your feet or your cardio levels. Use injuries to troubleshoot your weaknesses and find ways to address those gaps in performance.

Powerful Quotes by Dr. Stone

  • The number one cause of injury that I see from athletes of almost all ages is a mental error.
  • A little bit of bodyweight optimization really goes a long way to preserving your joints.
  • Mobility is more important than strength.
  • Tapping into your own internal pharmacy is the best way to recover from any injury.
  • An injury is an opportunity to say, “Let’s do a checklist of where I am in life.”

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