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This is one of those “press record and talk” style episodes so I hope you enjoy it.

Episode 1 of this podcast came out on September 10th 2016 – The Things You Need To Do For Fat Loss and I’ve changed my mind about a lot of things over that six year period.

Charlie Munger has a great line in his book “Poor Charlie’s Almanac” that you should always be willing to give up your best loved ideas. Today’s podcast goes through the eight biggest things I’ve changed my mind about since starting the show in 2016.

Episode Outline

  • 07:45 My opinions on “the best diet”
  • 16:01 Anxiety. As it’s not a major focus in my life now, it just doesn’t take up the same mental real estate.
  • 27:29 I get less inspired by people who have done incredible things (and more inspired by everyday transformations – physical or mental).
  • 34:14 My bullsh*t detector is much better now.
  • 40:12 Not preaching what works for me without all the context of who is receiving the advice
  • 51:57 Recommending books is nearly impossible now (hence why I talk to the authors so you can make up your own mind).
  • 57:27 I’m less of a fan of supplements than I was when I started the podcast.
  • 1:03:50 My body goals (and life goals) are completely different from when I started so my priorities are equally different.

Key Points

  • My thoughts on what constitutes “the best diet” have changed radically since 2016. Some fundamentals remain the same: eat mostly clean foods, have a weekly cheat meal, and minimize your processed sugar. That said, the biggest lesson I learned is that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another person. There is no one-size-fits-all plan. Don’t tie yourself down to a particular diet (ex. keto, paleo, vegan, carnivore, etc.) with that all-too common tribal mindset that many in the health and fitness space hold.
  • Anxiety comes in waves. Endure the wave, and when it subsides, move on from a place of rationality and determination rather than from a place of fear. And just like losing weight, freeing yourself from anxiety comes down to having the right tools and education in place. Those tools and that education can come in the form of mentorship, therapy, certain conferences and seminars, books, and podcasts. There are no new problems. The answers are written down somewhere. You just have to find them.
  • Beware the quick fix, because they actually only serve to make your path longer. If something sounds good to be true, your default should be to assume that it probably is.

Powerful Quotes by Brian

  • When you feel lost, put yourself in a position to be found.
  • You’re never going to lose weight without tools and education around what you need to do. Anxiety is very similar – you need to know what is going on.
  • Idolizing people puts them on a pedestal. That isn’t generally useful for you achieving your goal and becoming the best version of yourself. I think your idol should be your future self: the person you’re aspiring to be.
  • If somebody promises something to you that sounds too good to be true, in 99 out of 100 cases, it probably is.
  • Books change based on where your life is at.

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