Today on the podcast:

Inna Toplier is board certified clinical nutritionist with over 16 years of experience in clinical practice specializing in thyroid function and Hashimotos.

She is also the host of the Health Mysteries Solved podcast where she gets to the real root of health issues. She is obsessed with all things related to natural health and ways we can optimize it as she struggled and subsequently overcame many health ailments herself ranging from IBS to debilitating fatigue to migraines to severe acne and thyroid issues. Now that she is out on the other side, she doesn’t want others to suffer like she did.

Here are some things we talked about in today’s show:

  •     Thyroid function 101 (a deep dive)
  •     Symptoms, causes and treatment of Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s
  •     How to treat both
  •     The importance of knowing your thyroid type 
  •     When medication is helpful and when its harmful 
  •     And much more. 




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