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Dr. Megan Rossi is a gut health nutrition expert.

She is also the founder of The Gut Health Clinic, co-founder of BioandMeUK, columnist at the Daily Mail, and multiple-time best-selling author.

Her first appearance on the podcast was on October 7th 2019 in episode 246 titled The Gut Health Doctor Megan Rossi on Your Gut and How To Eat Yourself Healthy. In today’s podcast, we talk about her new book “How to Eat More Plants”, and all things gut health.

Episode Outline

  • 06:39 About Dr. Rossi’s new book “How to Eat More Plants”
  • 08:36 Hormone control and gut health
  • 12:39 IBS, food triggers and managing bloating/discomfort
  • 15:07 The diversity diet and adding in foods vs removing foods
  • 21:24 How to learn to tolerate food triggers
  • 28:23 Why calorie counting isn’t everything for weight and fat loss
  • 33:55 Common nutritional myths and misconceptions
  • 38:06 Experiencing gut lag while traveling
  • 41:13 Sleep, your circadian rhythm, gut microbes
  • 42:57 Dr. Rossi’s point-based system for the diversity diet

Key Points

  • Embrace the “diversity diet” by focusing more on what you can add into your diet as opposed to only what you can cut out. A diversity of foods also nourishes gut bacteria and allows you to live longer, look and feel better, and have better hormone regulation. Some principles of the diversity diet include enjoying mostly (not necessarily exclusively) plants, striving for diversity of foods all the way, and going for whole and not refined foods.
  • Fixating on calories when you have a weight loss goal does not lead to your desired results in the long-term. Firstly, nutritional information labels are often inaccurate. Also, calorie counting does not take into account the thermogenic effect of food: the fact that we burn more calories when we eat food. Finally, most restrictive diets harm our gut bacteria, which is often the reason a lot of people quickly gain back their lost weight after a hard diet.
  • Trying to include plant-based foods from each one of the Super Six to maximize your gut health. These groups are: wholegrain, vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, and seeds & herbs & spices. This is important because it’s been established that our gut microbes, which outnumber our human cells, dictate a lot of the processes in the body.

Powerful Quotes by Dr. Rossi

  • What the science shows in terms of gut health is that what we add into our diet is more important than what we’re cutting out.
  • For a long time, we thought that we were the boss and in charge of everything. But what we’re discovering is that these trillions of gut microbes outnumber us in terms of human cells, and they actually dictate a lot of what’s going on in our body.

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