Today on the podcast:

Today’s podcast is a solo Q+A with Brian.  

  1.     How do I stop binge eating at night when I’m stressed? 02:41
  1.     High protein breakfast ideas? 13:38
  1.     How do you do self-care? 16:46
  1.     Is it possible to succeed at more than one goal at a time? Eg weight loss, job, studying, mindset etc 24:44
  1.     I have one hour free every day, do I go walking or do some form of resistance training, my goal is to maintain 33:09
  1.     What’s the optimal macro split and calorie surplus when training to build muscle? 37:16
  1.     Who is the best person to see to start a gut healing/fixing process? 51:16
  1.     Any plans to come up north for a seminar? 51:16
  1.     Can you put on weight with antidepressants, worried it might affect my fitness? 53:22

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