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Dr. Koz is a Functional Medicine M.D who uses a broad array of tools to find the source of the body’s dysfunction: he takes the time to listen to his patients and plots their history on a timeline, considering what makes them unique and co-creating with them a truly individualized care plan.

You may recognise his voice from a very popular episode I did last year, Episode: #352 on 25th October 2021: Dr. Peter Kozlowski on Food Sensitivities, Fixing Leaky Gut and How To Do An Elimination Diet Correctly!

His expertise is in gut health, but he also works daily with food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, detoxing from toxic chemicals such as heavy metals and mould, and most importantly mental, emotional, and spiritual health. His new book Get The Func Out is available now.

Normally I wouldn’t touch a topic like environmental toxins on the podcast as it’s an area I know very little about; but I think there is value here for those with underlying health issues that are struggling to ask the right questions for solutions.

I also moved out of my house off the back of this podcast to address a mould issue; so, I found great personal benefit in this episode.

Episode Outline

  • 08:30 Why Dr. Koz decided to write Get The Func Out
  • 13:02 Why estrogen dominance in women and low testosterone in men is so prevalent at the moment
  • 21:20 Why start with toxins rather than the gut
  • 24:27 How to test for and detox mold
  • 30:42 How to do a heavy metal detox the safe way
  • 36:25 The power of glutathione as the master antioxidant
  • 43:17 His supplemental and nutrition strategy for never getting colds or flus

Key Points

  • Functional medicine starts with food; gut health; and mental, emotional, and spiritual health. But, there are two additional pieces to pay attention to: your hormones and the amount of toxins that you’re exposed to. And in fact, in many cases, toxins are where someone should begin as the foundation for everything else.
  • It’s often taught in functional medicine to start with the gut. But, Dr. Koz has found that it may be more beneficial in certain instances to start with toxins—to cleanse the body of mold, lead, and glyphosate out of the body. These toxins typically begin accumulating as soon as a baby is out of the womb, and oftentimes that build-up goes completely unnoticed until it’s almost too late.
  • When the liver functions properly, combined with limited exposure to toxins such as mold and heavy metals, it becomes much easier to detox. But boosting your liver via supplements does very little if there is already heavy buildup of these toxins. This is why prevention is better than cure: It’s important to drink a lot of water every day to flush them out. It’s important to “unfunc your gut” by pooping every day to flush them out. It’s important to exercise regularly to sweat them out.

Powerful Quotes by Dr. Koz

  • Testing for toxins should start at pediatrics because that’s when the stuff starts building and, by the time people end up at my office, it’s usually too late.
  • Usually, once you get to three meds in traditional medicine, you’re out of options.
  • Someone with mold allergies is less likely to develop a toxicity? Why? Because whenever they are exposed, they are going to get allergic. They are going to go, and they are going to get out of the mold.
  • If I could tell somebody one thing to do for detox, it’s this: Stop exposure.

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Dr Peter Kozlowski

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