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Dr. Prologo is a graduate of The Ohio State University School of Medicine.

He has spent the majority of his career researching new solutions for pain and weight loss.

He is most well-known for pioneering a procedure to block hunger, allowing people to reach a critical point beyond which dieting was no longer a struggle – work that allowed him to define the critically acclaimed “Catching Point” beyond which diet and exercise are easier for those trying to lose weight.

The Catching Point itself, and the strategy to get there are outlined in his book: The Catching Point Transformation.

In today’s podcast, we unpack all things weight loss and dietary adherence. This is a nice back and forth conversation as opposed to a straight up interview so hopefully you enjoy it.

Episode Outline

  • 06:35 What got Dr. Prologo into dietary adherence and weight loss
  • 09:21 Why “Mind Over Matter” Is Bulls#$% for a weight loss goal
  • 19:01 Why dietary adherence is 95% of your weight loss progress
  • 24:58 How to boost your metabolism with exercise and why this can potentially increase cravings for healthier food
  • 28:56 His unpopular opinion on using exercise BEFORE looking at nutrition (and the reasons why)
  • 36:00 The metabolic reasons why hunger and low energy in a calorie restricted plan leads you to falling off track
  • 41:34 Focusing on recovery with food vs calorie counting
  • 45:46 How to stay on track during the days in between workouts (a diet danger zone for people)
  • 51:18 The difference between losing weight and maintaining a lean physique

Key Points

  • Dietary adherence doesn’t have to be miserable forever. In fact, there is a point beyond which the feelings that you have around clean living and working out become favorable. Once you get past the so-called “catching point” (technically the ability to jog for roughly 30 minutes, uninterrupted), you will actually begin craving healthy food and exercise.
  • One of the biggest reasons so many people fail a weight loss journey is that they tend to do everything all at once: They drop calories and certain foods one day (which signals a starvation event to the body) and, to add a “superimposed insult” on top of that, they start a new exercise program, further adding stress to yourself. Having a strategy and clear intention behind the changes you make will ensure that your transition to a healthier lifestyle becomes easier to manage.
  • Eat with the intention to recover and not just to consume a certain number of calories. The goal is to change your body through nutrition. Building a new body requires the “scaffolding” upon which to build something healthier and fitter than what came before.

Powerful Quotes by Dr. Prologo

  • The only thing that matters is adherence—that you can stick to whatever program you’re on.
  • My goal is not to burn calories. My goal is to induce change in my body.
  • The experience of making a change from overweight or obese to lean, is a distinctly different project from maintaining a lean physique.

Guest Info

Dr. David Prologo

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