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Joy McCrathy is a certified holistic nutritionist and founder of Joyous Health.

She is also a 3 times best-selling cookbook author and co-host of the Joyous Health Podcast.

A trusted nutrition expert, Joy has been featured in hundreds of publications both online and in print; and is a regular health expert on TV. Through her innate drive to inspire others, Joy has helped people around the world achieve their wellness goals

This podcast really kicks off the new year in style. If you are looking to detox after overindulging at Xmas and stop yourself getting sick over the next two months, then today’s episode is for you.

Episode Outline

  • 06:05 Her backstory into health and wellness and how everything changed in 2003
  • 08:36 The anxiety, stress, and gut health link
  • 16:27 Why nature is an underrated wellness tool
  • 19:01 4 ways to prevent getting sick and support immunity
  • 31:42 The benefits of apple cider vinegar on digestive health
  • 37:11 How to detox the right way
  • 43:19 The worst new year mistakes people make
  • 47:12 Why sitting is the new smoking

Key Points

  • For Joy, the one thing that had the most profound impact on her wellbeing was stress. Most people focus on the quick fix: supplements, superfoods, exercises, etc. But putting in the work to manage your stress, while difficult at first, is well worth the effort in the long run. Tackle stress with a multipronged approach which includes sleep, removing negative influences from your environment, and nutrition and hydration.
  • Getting sick is normal. What’s more important to look at is how quickly you recover. There are various factors that go into how well you recover, from dialing in your nutrition to getting enough sleep to lowering your stress to finding the right (few!) supplements. With just the right lifestyle tweaks, your body will become adept at healing itself better than most.
  • A lot of people put too much focus on calories and food choices. These two are obviously important for your health and fitness. But another vital piece of the pie is hydration. It’s easy to underestimate how huge a component drinking enough water is on your overall wellness. Everything from losing fat to improving your energy to having better skin can be faster achieved simply through proper daily hydration.

Powerful Quotes by Joy

  • There’s so much information on the value of grounding and being in nature. The most underrated thing we can do for our health is to go outside, put our hand on a tree, sit on a bench, and take deep breaths. Nature is free. It’s always available for us.
  • It’s okay to get sick once in a while. The important thing is, are you getting better quickly?
  • Your liver is the master of detoxification.
  • If you’re not eating tasty food, delicious food, then what the hell is the point? We should be connected to our food!

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Joy McCrathy

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