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Ben Coomber is a nutritionist, coach, speaker, writer and former obese man sharing his journey.

His new best-selling book – How To Live An Awesome Life – The 11 Step Formula for Fulfillment and Success is available now.

This is Ben’s third appearance on the show and we focus heavily on mindset in today’s episode.

Episode Outline

  • 05:43 About Ben’s new book, How To Live An Awesome Life
  • 08:34 What is an awesome life?
  • 12:24 Building an awesome life by getting clear on your biggest pain point
  • 16:07 Why you struggle to have hard conversations
  • 19:06 Life imposter syndrome and how it makes you feel unworthy
  • 23:19 Why education is power and the importance of learning from your mistakes
  • 28:02 Trusting yourself
  • 31:10 Where most self-help books go wrong
  • 36:05 Your environment is everything so set it up with the right people
  • 40:46 Finding that spark of inspiration if you’re not feeling motivated

Key Points

  • An awesome life is one that is in alignment with your values. This includes the different facets of life from relationships to career. For instance, happiness in your career doesn’t necessarily come when you find a match between your talents or skillset and a job. Rather, happiness comes when you find a role that allows you to exercise your values, such as communication, honesty, integrity, creativity, or freedom.
  • Life imposter syndrome is when you hold yourself back from living your most awesome life. This is when you ask questions like, “Am I worthy enough to get that job,” or, “Am I worthy to speak to that guy/girl?” As it is with any kind of imposter syndrome, it’s all in your head. And these limiting beliefs compound if not nipped in the bud.
  • Our environment is more than the people around us. Our environment starts with the bed we wake up on every morning: Is your space conducive to quality sleep? Then there’s your phone that you probably check first thing in the morning: a limitless environment that can bring just as much intense positivity as it can intense negativity. After that, there’s the rest of your house: Is it a relaxing sanctuary that truly feels like home, or is it messy and uninspiring? And it goes on and on: your car, your place of work, the people you interact with, the gym you go to after work, etc. Break down your day and acknowledge all the environmental stimuli that shape your life. Make as many of these environmental experiences as positive as possible to build resiliency against negativity.

Powerful Quotes by Ben

  • Can our career be in alignment with our values? Yeah, it absolutely can!
  • One of the reasons people struggle with hard conversations is because they’re still struggling to understand why they feel the way that they feel.
  • Move on, keep challenging yourself, and keep growing. That’s what gets people out of bed and to chase new things.

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Ben Coomber

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